How to beat writer’s block in 5 easy steps. By Bren Kyveli

What is writer’s block?

It’s that inexplicable dead silence in your brain when you fire up the laptop to work on a novel, a chapter, a short story… a blog post. It’s that debilitating feeling of utter emptiness where a story should be. You know its there, just moments ago while driving home you had a great idea but now you’re at your laptop and it’s nothing but crickets. Right? Continue reading

The Writer’s Frenemy by E.M. Youman

Writing has taught me a lot about who I am and what I will put up with and won’t stand for.

About three years ago I was sitting at my job ready to scream. Not that it’s a bad job or anything. My boss is actually very nice. But I was feeling rather sucky about my ability to meet certain goals. At the back of my mind, I kept thinking, I don’t want to do this. I stopped sending out e-mails and opened up notepad and started writing. At the time I didn’t know that I wanted to write a story, it was just a need. My body was signaling to me I needed to focus on something else. It could have been anything, but I take it as a sign that I chose to write. Continue reading