Deadlines and Real Life, by May Burnett

Do self-publishers even have deadlines? 

One would suppose that a self-published author could complete and edit her books at leisure, free from the tyranny and pressure of deadlines. That may be true for the first stumbling attempts, for the complete amateur; but the moment a writer approaches the publication of her books with any seriousness and hopes to make it her day job, deadlines are almost inevitable. Continue reading

Self-Publish vs Traditional Publishing from an unpublished Author’s POV by Elle Silver

I was going to think of a great blog post about the creative writing process but I fear that if I don’t talk about this I am going to go nuts thinking about it. I have never published any of my work and I am seriously conflicted about Self-Publishing. Continue reading

A Thankful Heart by D.L. Hungerford

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving on my planet, in my country, and in my house. I am very thankful that I have loving family, even though none of them are close enough to share it with me and my husband. This year we are inviting friends over who also have limited family and not much to do. I am thankful that I am in a position to do this. Continue reading