Deadlines and Real Life, by May Burnett

Do self-publishers even have deadlines? 

One would suppose that a self-published author could complete and edit her books at leisure, free from the tyranny and pressure of deadlines. That may be true for the first stumbling attempts, for the complete amateur; but the moment a writer approaches the publication of her books with any seriousness and hopes to make it her day job, deadlines are almost inevitable. Continue reading

Herding Cats

I am blessed with a community on-line through Scribophile, and in that community, a “neighborhood” called Writers Who Love Romance.

Along with my membership in Romance Writers of America, this community has done more to motivate me and keep me focused on writing, editing, and publishing than anything else I’ve tried.

Another huge part of the Published-Author-Making-A-Living-Through-Writing puzzle is marketing. This starts with self-promotion. And I recently discovered many introverted authors are terrified of that.

Understand that I love to do public speaking. At my current employment, whenever a speaker is needed, my peers know I will gladly volunteer. So it never occurred to me that some folk would be scared of blogging. Really? You can sit naked at your computer, post your blog, and delete comments that you don’t like. Why be worried about that?

Using the theory that there is security in numbers, I proposed to the neighborhood that we do a group blog. The response has been overwhelming. Now, getting these shy and creative creatures to all to the same process is similar to herding cats. And it’s not a simple process.

Step One: Create a log-in and password on WordPress.
Step Two: Send me an email so I can invite you to the blog.
Step Three: Be sure I have the correct pen name to use.
Step Four: Find a topic and write your blog, some place besides on WordPress. I’ve lost a number of blog posts through crazy, random happenstances before. I finally figured out that I need to write the whole thing in a Word doc or similar program, save it there, select all, copy, and paste it into the blog.
Step Five: Select your name as the category, so that people will know it’s yours, and select or create tags, to tie in to Google searches.
Step Six: Make sure you put it out on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platforms that you use.
Step Seven: Look for comments over the next few days, and reply if needed.
Step Eight: Start thinking of your next post.

That’s all it takes. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

The actual group of authors is a mix of published, unpublished, expert bloggers, and first timers. They are all charming, funny, imaginative folk whom I am proud to call neighbors and fellow bloggers.

I ask that you read the future blog posts with an open mind and a cheerful heart. Let us know when you like things and/or have suggestions. After all, we are doing this to connect with you!

See you next time.