Novel or Novella? by Matt Mansfield

So I’ve been thinking about this story idea since I was in college (for those who don’t know me well, that was 26 years ago) and I finally wanted to sit down and write the darn thing.

The story is a young adult urban fantasy with a dash of sci-fi and I’ve always envisioned it as one book. Recently however, I’ve been exploring the publishing world and wandered across an interesting approach: serial novellas.


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Counting Words by Polly J. Brown

Near the beginning of the year I joined a small group of writers who committed to writing thirteen romance-related short stories over the course of the year. The idea of writing some short stories excited me. It presented the chance to work with new ideas, fresh characters, and it provided a temporary distraction from my novel-length WIP which I needed to put aside for a time.  But most importantly, writing thirteen short stories meant that I would finally finish something. I would have some pieces to tuck away for future use.  Continue reading