Ramblings of an almost Published Author by Stella Marie Alden

Know what’s great about watercolor painting? It’s one of the few arts that you can’t agonize over and go back and fix. You either get it right on the first wash, or it’s wrong. After that? One cannot paint over or it becomes too muddy. Throw it out and try again. Or accept the oddities and cherish them. There’s something wonderfully freeing about that. I’m not a great illustrator, but I can make the paint run in a pleasing manner that makes people want to buy my scenes of the ocean.

Writing, however, is not like that. My God. I just finished my final edits for my first book, and already, in my head, I am screaming, “Wait. Wait. Give it back. That’s not quite right. I could’ve said that better.” Damn. The better I get, the more I want to change it up. I don’t want to be done yet.

Someone asked, why I didn’t wait for a bigger publisher, or self-publish? Why? Because I needed an external deadline. Writing for me is like a drug and I needed someone to help me say, okay, you’re done. Fini. No more. Stop. Could my novel get better? No doubt. But it’s time to put it out there and stop hiding in indecision.

So now I wait. My editor will do my final edits and on May 6th, I will be a published author. Will anyone buy it? Will I feel any different? Or, like so many others, will my romance sit somewhere below 375,600 in the Amazon rankings?

In the way that only over-zealous over-achievers will understand, I have studied marketing to the point I almost know too much. As soon as I have an ARC (advance review copy), I have a list of at least fifty review sites that I will submit to. I have written and rewritten my blurb. I did yet another attempt this morning. But… is it good enough? Maybe I’ll rewrite it again tonight. Thanks for sharing in my angst.

In 1276, a young widow with a will of steel and a renaissance intellect meets her match. Blindfolded and bound, Lady Ann of the Meadows must marry ‘The Beast of Thornhill.’ What an injustice! She alone has transformed mud huts and starving serfs into a flourishing town. Abandon her beloved people to an ignorant Templar knight? “Never,” she vows.

A harpy for a wife? Was this marriage the king’s jest or some conspiracy? Sir Marcus Blackwell eagerly takes ownership of the village but the rest? No matter how beautiful, if she murdered her first husband, she will hang. First, he must discover the secrets to her vast wealth. There’s rumor she’s a witch and holds a hidden cache of gold coins. The longer he’s in her company, the more spellbound he becomes. How will either escape the king’s inquisition and the hangman’s noose?

Winner of RWA’s “The Molly” and “Show Me the Spark” contests, this Medieval Romance will appeal not only to the historical buffs, but for anyone looking for an exciting voice with a new twist.

Find me at http://www.stellamariealden.com