Do Authors Have a Responsibility to Their Readers?

The life they’ve chosen

I sometimes feel sorry (just a little) for celebrities who have paparazzi in their faces whenever they go out – to a restaurant, the gym, even a supermarket. Imagine if they were going to get a bikini wax or some other personal appointment. And forget about hooking up for a kinky rendezvous. The whole world is always in their business making it difficult for them to live normal lives. If a celebrity does something stupid (who of us has never done anything stupid?) like lick a donut in a bakery and then put it back for someone else to buy (okay maybe not to that extent. That’s not only stupid, it’s disgusting and shows a lack of concern for the health and well being of others.) But when they do slip up, the whole world knows about it and often it takes a long time for the world to get over it. But as I stated, I only feel a little sorry for them, because for the most part, this is the life they’ve chosen.

The responsibility of YouTubers

My son likes watching YouTube videos, and some of the YouTubers, although entertaining, annoy me because they use foul language. I know, I know… freedom of speech and parenting your child, etc. But these video gaming entertainers know that a large part of their audience consists of young children. Therefore, they should be careful about what they do and say because impressionable children watch and imitate them. If this is what they choose to do, they have a responsibility to keep their material appropriate for the youngsters.

What about authors?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the responsibility authors – especially published authors – have to readers. They buy and read our books, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, they write reviews. Our readers are our motivation to create great stories.  When we advertise or promote an upcoming book, via interview, social media, the back content of current book or any other means, we have a responsibility to our readers to deliver what we said we would.


A few years ago, I read all four books in a popular series. Like many fans of the series, I was disappointed to learn that publication of the fifth book – a version of the first book told from a different point of view – had been cancelled. The author had decided not to finish it because someone had leaked part of the story. By the time I’d discovered the series, so much time had passed since the occurrence of the leak that I had hoped the author would just shake it off and finish the book. Especially since so many fans had asked, begged and pleaded for book five. I’d checked her website from time to time, looking for info, but there’d been nothing. Eventually I found a version of the story which I believe had been “completed” and posted by a fan, so I stopped checking the author’s website and moved on.

When an author chooses to introduce his or her writing to the world, be it a story, a sequel, even just an excerpt, he or she should make every effort to deliver.


Responsibility to my readers

Forbidden Kisses EBook.jpgOver the last few days, I’ve been reminded of my responsibility to my readers. On three occasions within as many days, someone mentioned Off Base, the sequel to my Military Romance, Forbidden Kisses.
coverThe most recent was this comment I read on my website from sjlmorgan.
The comment both made my day and broke my heart a little. Here was this reader who enjoyed book one and was ready for book two. Referring to the free sample chapter I’d included in the back of book 1, the reader was basically saying, “Why did you even include the sample chapter for book 2? Now I want it and it’s not available.” The sad thing is, I haven’t even been working on Off Base. I started it, but then out of the blue, I got an idea for a brand new story. I put Off Base on the back burner so I could work on Remember Love.


sjlmorgan isn’t the only reader waiting for the continuation of Layla and Ethan’s story. I went through my reviews and noted that there are at least fourteen reviews in which the reader expressed a desire to read Off Base.

  1. Can’t wait for the second installment; hoping for another winner!
  2. Can’t wait for their sequel!
  3. I’m looking forward to following this love story into their next phase of the authors “Off Base”.
  4. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 
  5. I’m interested in what happens next to Eathan and Layla in the follow up story Off Base. 
  6. I look forward to reading about the progression of their love story.
  7. Waiting for the sequel to follow these two souls in their HEA.
  8. I’m anxious for the sequel that was briefly mentioned. I fully expect wedding bells for them. I won’t accept anything less.  Love this couple to moon and back. Thank you.
  9. I can’t wait to see how the author extends the story line.
  10. I can’t wait to read your next book.
  11. Anxiously awaiting the sequel.
  12. I can’t wait for the next book.
  13. Can’t wait for Off Base!
  14. I look forward to reading Sha Renee’s next book.

Because of all these comments and the responsibility I have to my readers (and my love for Layla and Ethan’s story),  I’ve decided to hold off on Remember Love and get back to writing Off Base. Thank you, sjlmorgan for that reminder.


Author Newsletters by Sha Renée

Recently I published my first newsletter as an author. I used Mad Mimi which was pretty user friendly once I got the hang of it. I had always wondered if authors actually need a newsletter, especially if we’ve already got a blog set up. Someone explained that when you write a blog post, your followers get a message letting them know you posted. They will need to go and click on your link to read your post.

With a newsletter, they’ll get an e-mail from you, and once they open it, BAM, there’s your message with everything you want to tell them. Of course they can choose to skip the email, but the important thing is it eleminates a step.  I like to look at it like this: Option 1 – the mailman comes to my door and tells me that Macy’s is having a sale on dresses. Maybe he even shows me a photo.  But I’m in the middle of preparing dinner which means I have to stop and go to Macy’s to look at the dresses. In option 2, the mailman comes to my door with 3 dresses from Macy’s. I can pick one right then and there. Tada!

Creating my newsletter was hard work, but it was also kind of fun. I included fun fall facts, tree trivia and some interesting information about fall foods which supposedly increase penile blood flow (someone get back to me with the results).

NEW COVERWhile I love promoting my book and the upcoming release of Forbidden Kisses, I wanted to include something extra in my newsletter – exclusive content which isn’t available anywhere else.
After all, if you’ve read my blog posts or visited my social media sites, you already know I have a kick-ass military romance which is available now for pre-order. So I wanted to include information you may not already know.

I’ve decided that 4 to 6 issues per year is frequent enough for my newsletters to go out. I have subscriptions to a number of online newsletters, but I find it annoying that some of the subscriptions send daily issues. Sometimes I get more than 1 issue per day from the same organization. That’s too frequent for me.

There is a feature I’ve seen increasingly on blogs and e-mail subscriptions and it’s a big pet peeve for me. And while I don’t judge those who include this feature… okay, yes I do… a little, I can’t see myself including it in my blog or my newsletter.

Imagine if you’ve been seeing an amazing guy or girl and things are getting serious. Today they’ve invited you to come over. Let’s say they have a 1-hour lunch break today instead of 30 minutes and they’ve asked you to stop and pick up some condoms on your way over. You make your purchase, get to the door and ring the bell. They answer immediately, completely nude, but instead of making the most of those 60 minutes, they shove their new pet hamster in your face as soon as you step in the door. “Hey check out my hamster. Look what he can do. Feel how soft his fur is. Look how he eats his carrot.” What the heck! That’s not what you came for.  This is how I feel when I visit a site that has a big pop-up message in my face BOOM – as soon as I log on. Can you at least give me a chance to view the information I came for first?

I was working on something recently that gave me the option to include a pop-up message that would appear to my viewers, and if so, how soon did I want the message to appear. The choices were 1 second, 3 seconds… are you kidding me? Why would I ambush them with an offer which may not even be relevent to the information I’m providing? Let them at least have the opportunity to get what they came for – what I invited them for.

You can include a pop-up message if you want to, but please give me a chance to come in and get settled.

Anyway, my newsletter doesn’t have pop-up boxes BOOM – as soon as you open it. You won’t get an issue on a daily basis. I have quarterly issues. And hopefully you’ll find the content entertaining and interesting, like excerpts I haven’t shared anywhere else and the complete Forbidden Kisses music playlist.  See for yourself!

From our table I watched Ethan’s performance. His eyes locked on mine as his song started. When he sang the first line in acapella, my heart laughed, danced and cried. The music started and the audience cheered. UB-40’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love featured a slow reggae beat that everyone wanted to move to. I watched, transfixed as he sang to me. Me. He was singing to me. Was he saying he was in love with me?

Ethan was beautiful and so darn sexy as his hips rocked to the reggae beat. He sang and danced like he could feel the music. As if it flowed through his body the way it did mine. His eyes, his movements and his words seduced me.

Thanks for reading. I’m by no means an expert on creating newsletters, but I’d be happy to help you get started if you have questions.

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Writing a Book is Easy.

Or at least it seems easy in comparison to the tasks we’re faced the-endwith once we type ‘The End’.


If you’re an author or have friends who are authors, you know exactly what I mean.

thOnce the story is written, everything else you need to get that baby out into the world makes the time spent on your laptop, legal pad or typewriter (remember those?) look like a cakewalk.

If you decide to publish traditionally, you’ll have to make sure your manuscript it correctly formatted down to the exact font, spacing, margins, etc. There are strict guidelines that you’ll need to adhere to. Not to mention querying publishers, waiting for replies and dealing with rejections. Continue reading

Before It’s Too Late by Sha Renee

Recently when I accompanied a loved one to the hospital I noticed a man sleeping in a chair in one of the waiting areas. He appeared to be in a fairly deep sleep – arms crossed over his chest, head tilted to the side. I studied his sleeping visage for a moment. Surely he was the spouse of a dear friend I met long ago when our kids were in first grade together. But I hadn’t seen him in so long… was that actually him? If so, I should wake him up and say hello. Continue reading

The First Time

If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with the joy and pride of dozens of first experiences. From the first time you hear your baby cry and hold her in your arms to watching her take her first steps and say her first words.

Even if you don’t have kids, you have many of your own first experiences – the magic of your first kiss, the exciting feeling of driving home from DMV with your brand new driver’s license or the pride you felt on the first day of your very first job. It’s an amazing feeling.

For authors there are even more first experiences to look forward to… and worry about. The first rejection if you submit to a traditional publisher, your first publication, the first sale and the first review. It’s such an emotional roller coaster.


As you may know, I recently wrote Forbidden Kisses as part of the Story of a Kiss anthology.  A Military Romance in which Layla, who is an enlisted member of the Navy, meets the perfect guy while she’s on leave. After several fun-filled days and passionate nights, she discovers Ethan is also in the Navy – and he’s an officer! According to military regulations personal relationships between officers and enlisted members are prohibited. In order to avoid disciplinary action and protect both of their careers, they need to put an end to their relationship. Unfortunately, they share a fiery attraction and have already gotten in too deep.

teaser 62

Last week I had a wonderful first experience when the hard copy of  Story of a Kiss arrived in the mail. It’s great to read the electronic version of a story you’ve written, but for me, there is nothing like holding the tangible fruit of my labor.  It felt more real. I picked up a copy, squealed, spun around. And touched it… over and over. I flipped through the pages and looked at the words that I wrote.


I have a copy by my bed and a copy in my car. I still can’t get over it.

Today I experienced another first. My first not-so-wonderful review. (I know! I’m just as shocked as you are!) I’ve known from the beginning that not everyone would enjoy my writing, but still – ouch. Seeing that review made me doubt – just for a while, but it also increased my motivation to make my future work even better.

Next month I’m scheduled to attend a book signing.


I know! Me! I’m extremely nervous, but hopefully it will be a step to move my writing career forward. If you’re in the area on March 12, 2016, come by Bahama Breeze and see how I do at another first.


imagesPNPZ0XHK Most of us write because we love creating stories. Even if we’re not likely to earn a living from projects we’ve poured our blood sweat and tears into.  While there are countless authors who have achieved financial success from their writing many of us have accepted the fact that we can’t quit our day jobs – at least not right away. Continue reading

Fifty by Sha Renée

images (2)

images (22)

The big Five-O. Yep, that’s how old I’ll be…well, I won’t say when.

Did you know that if you use all seven of your letter tiles in a Scrabble play, you earn 50 extra points?

“50 Cent” is the stage name of Curtis James Jackson III, an American rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and actor who sold drugs on the streets of NY at the age of 12.50 Cent snoop

His stage name was inspired by a 1980’s robber. He chose the name “because I’m the same kind of person 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.” (Wikipedia)

The TV show Hawaii Five-O is so called because Hawaii is the last of the fifty states to officially become a state. 5-O (Five-Oh) – Slang referring to police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching, is derived from this show.

Fifty is also:

The number of chapters in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

The traditional number of years in a jubilee period.

The number of stars on the American flag.  Real-US-Flag_1

The speed limit, in kilometers per hour, of Australian and Canadian roads with unspecified limits.

The number of rings required to transform Sonic to his super form in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise

The atomic number of the element tin.


50 First Dates – one of my favorite movies – images (23)is a romantic comedy about a woman with severe anterograde amnesia.
Every morning when the FMC wakes up, the MMC has to convince her that they not only know each other, but they also love each other.

50 also refers to another well-known movie based on a novel which has sold over 90 million copies.

images (20)

In spite of all the criticism of the movie, I personally looked forward to viewing it. I’ve never been one to allow myself to view or pass on a movie or book based on the reviews of others. I know that my reaction is very likely to be different from that of the majority of viewers because I am actually quite different from most people. I don’t just look at the big picture; I look at the details, those minute nuances that many would overlook- facial expressions, mannerisms, the style of car being driven, the wording of e-mails the characters send to each other. I find these small distinctions quite entertaining. As a music lover, I enjoy much of the music featured in this movie (over 516,000 copies of the soundtrack have been sold.) and as a for the sex scenes: HOT.

Yes, the movie has been criticized by those who practice BDSM, as well as those who speak out against domestic abuse. I can understand the views and the concerns expressed by these groups, but this movie is a work of fiction. In my opinion – and each of us is entitled to his or her opinion – every single detail doesn’t have to mirror real life 100%, down to the letter in order to entertain. I’m glad I didn’t let all the negative reviews influence my decision to watch (and purchase) the movie and the book. I was entertained. And I’ll be entertained when I watch again tonight.

Those Naughty Words


How do you refer to sex organs when talking to your close friends? What about when you’re talking with your partner? Do you use the same words with your friends that you use to get your partner in the mood?

I’ve been struggling for several months trying to decide which words the characters in my novel will use. There are several options of course, but it has to be just right. I have to consider the period of time in which the story takes place as well as the personalities of my characters. Words used in a historical romance, for instance, will be different than words used in a contemporary romance.

Would my main character refer to her sex as a “love cave” or “honey pot”? Would she refer to her boyfriend’s penis as his “manhood”? His “member”? It was one of my critiquers who pointed that I need to decide exactly which words I’m going to use. She reminded me that my main character is no Victorian Miss.  She wouldn’t send a sexy text message to her guy that reads, “My quivering love mound has been aching for your throbbing member.” My characters just don’t talk like that. They’re in their twenties and they’re in the Navy for goodness sakes!  They could just be straight forward and use “penis” and “vagina” but let’s face it, when they’re in the bedroom, whispering erotic words to each other, the words, “vagina” and “penis” just aren’t sexy.


I don’t use c**k, d***, p****, c**t, or even a**. I’m not judging anyone who uses such words in their ordinary language. It’s just not my style. They hurt my eyes as well as my ears.

Since those words don’t come naturally to me, I didn’t plan on using them in my novel. But just because the sound of the word p**** makes me cringe does not mean my characters can’t use them. After all, they are younger and hipper than I am.

I posted a question about this in one of forums on a Scribophile. Many responded that they use p**** when being intimate with their partners but found c**t to be too derogatory. Many of the men said they use c**k with their partners because it felt sexier to them.

About a week ago – several months after beginning work on my novel – I realized why the thought of using those words in my novel was such a turn off for me. When my book is published, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go right to my mother’s house and say’ “Mommy, Mommy, look what I did!” I feel like it will be a huge disrespect to my mother if I present my novel to her with those words laced throughout.

When I told my mother what I’m writing and that there will be content that’s inappropriate for her to see she implied that she would read it and then spank me.


But there isn’t just my characters to consider, I also have to consider my audience. I want my readers to devour my book and when they get to the racy parts I want them to be fanning themselves while they read (or whatever else they choose to do to themselves while they read).

So after many months agonizing over which words to use, I’ve decided to let my characters speak in the way that is natural to them. If it’s feasible, I’ll consider having a few copies of a PG-13 version available for my mother, they younger kids in my family and anyone else who may be offended by those naughty words.