Voyage of the Bland

Words! How glorious they fall on the page. Fast or slow, deep or shallow, they drip from my fingers like misty drizzle or hammer from my heart in torrents. However they choose to come, I do my best to accept and relate them without prejudice.

And therein, Dear Reader, lies the rub. How I wish it were one of those warm, tingly, exciting rubs on delicate parts that leave us breathless and singing inside—but it’s not.

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Another small publisher closing, what’s going on?

News came down recently that Samhain Publishing will be closiClosedng down. I don’t know the circumstances behind their decision, but they are certainly not the first small to mid-sized publisher to shut down in the past year. Most blame Amazon, and the self-publishing boom that we’re currently seeing.

So the question becomes, how can these publishers stop their authors from leaving them in favor of self publishing?

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Guest Blog: Happy to Help a Friend

When DL asked for a guest blogger, I jumped up, waving my hand, metaphorically.

Me! Pick me!


Because of Romance, and supporting other writers.  I always lend a hand to my friends who write romance and erotica. And I have more than a few who do.

For one thing, they get worse questions than Urban Fantastists. People may ask me where I come up with my monsters, but I don’t get the ‘whys’.

Why do you write about sex?

Why do you write about romance?

I always want some of them to say, why the hell not?

My pride in my friend’s work aside, I’m not sure why writing romance is a bad thing. I do it. Sure, my sex scenes fade to black, and more than once Mina has put her burning sexual tension on hold to kill a vampire or two, but I know damn good and well that Mina and Rick’s relationship drama is just as important as how she snaps a spine.

More so, in some ways.

We action writers of supernatural occurrences need romance in our stories. They keep the characters relatable and grounded. You might not get why Mina has to kill a monster, but you definitely get why she wants to jump Rick.


She’s very… lonely

Love and how people fall in love is universal, as opposed to blood lust. Most of us going about our normal day feeling no desire to behead the people threatening us.

Or staking them… whatever…

But falling in love? Having a crush? Drooling over a hottie? Even if you haven’t experienced it, romance transcends genre. Everybody knows the physical symptoms. You can’t catch your breath, racing heart, nervous energy, and dilated pupils.

We love to fall in love. And we like watching other people as well. So while Romance isn’t something I write often (because, like any genre fiction, it’s damned hard to do well), I have nothing but respect for those that do.

I don’t mind getting on their blog and gushing about how wonderful they are. Because they are wonderful, amazing authors, who work damn hard.


Kate Whitaker writes for fun and profit from the woods of Pennsylvania. You can most likely find her sitting at her kitchen table yelling at kids and cats as she tries to figure out a new way to kill made up monsters.

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