The End of the Road

I’m sure you all can identify with this. Years ago I started something that rolled on its own beautifully and only needed an occasional push. This blog is that thing. Then the contributors started being published and happy and busy. One by one, they dropped off the list of contributors.

Soon I put out a call on Scribophile, Writers Who Love Romance, for new writers. Everyone knows the successful writer has to be a good blogger. I got a few new people every few months and we kept rolling. Then a lot of folks didn’t notice the schedule I emailed out mostly regularly. I started sending weekly reminders. Then even that didn’t always work. I had to use Facebook, Scribophile messages, Google Chat, and smoke signals.


I made the decision to drop the Wednesday posts and just have something new on Saturdays. I filled in whenever someone had an issue come up while doing my own posts. Luckily the schedule made that easier, with just one post every two months.

Meanwhile, I tried to keep The Bowman’s Inn anthology afloat, work on my Regency trilogy, and finish my first draft of a contemporary thriller romance in NaNoWriMo 2016. I had conferences to attend, beta reads, and a cover to pick out. I needed to keep track of my editor’s bills and the dental work started. I was hand feeding baby birds and being slack about house and yard work. Can’t imagine why.

To-Do List

In spite of the easier schedule and my winning ways, more contributors had to leave. And I realized I would soon be posting every week by myself or with only a few others. The writing was on the computer screen. The blog gasped for breath. Time to pull the plug.

It’s a very sad day saying that the blog is no more. But I take heart that some of the writers want to make it just a hiatus. For however long it must lay dormant, someone might revive it down the road. All of the past writers are welcome to post a blog at any time. I’m not going to take it down.


In closing, I want to thank the following authors:

Always reliable from the first to the end —  Louise Redmann, Lizzie Hermanson, May Burnett, Emily Cooper, Kathryn L. James, Kate Whitaker, and Bren Kyveli.

New folks who jumped on just as the train slowed down —  D. DeCarvalho and Elizabeth Giambrone.

070316 go back

And dear friends who have gone on to amazing things — T.A. Taylor, Sue Seabury, B. A. Couture, Taylor Sullivan, Mika Jolie, Sha Renee, Brandy Ayers, Nikki Belaire, Celia Maye, Deborah Byington, E.D. Vaughn, E. M. Youman, Matt Mansfield, Cayenne MichaelsKate DeHart, Claire O’Sullivan, Polly J. Brown, Milli Gilbert, Misty Carlisle, Anna Brooks, Milo Owen, Stella Marie,  Marianne Stark, and Elle Silver.

062417 thank you

If I have missed any contributors, please let me know so I can update this list. My record keeping is haphazard at best.

Best of Luck to all of you! Thanks for being a reader, we’ll see what the future brings.

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