It takes a Village of Writers by Roxanna Haley

I’ve had the pleasure recently of working with a great group of authors and publishing the fifth anthology in the Bowman’s Inn series. Five times, we have met deadlines, sweated through the editing and rewriting, and done our best to get these great stories noticed by readers. The task was fun, but not easy.Each of us has a life with other people involved. Husbands who want to be fed and loved, kids who want love and attention, pets, houses and yards to maintain, sometimes bosses to please, and don’t forget, we are writers. The Bowman’s Inn is just one stop on our way to writing the Books of our Hearts.

051317 flash

I write as D.L. Hungerford as well as Roxanna Haley. As Haley, I have the third book in a Regency erotic romance to get published, along with a collection of short stories I have lying around.  As Hungerford, I am giving a final polish to a manuscript that was requested by an editor at the end of March. Plus looking at the shifter stories that I want to write up. I’m thankfully retired, but I have a flock of birds to tend to and a dog to walk. I can’t always do what I want every day. My husband is very supportive and understanding, but even he would like to be fed on occasion.

051317 a hotel

ED Vaughn has had a story in EVERY volume of The Bowman’s Inn. She’s the only one besides me to have that distinction. She has a dog and a teenager and her life could easily show up as the plot to a romantic thriller. I can’t even imagine how she has stayed the course through moving out of Alaska and the end of a relationship. She’s an angel in disguise. She is also working on other romance stories, mostly paranormal, that will keep me reading, for sure.

051317 happy too

I dragged Sue Seabury in, against her will, by asking her if we could publish a story she wrote some time ago for the first BI anthology. She’s published her own novel, Shear Luck, which you should pick up because it’s wonderful, and dealt with family issues while being roped into helping us promote the anthology. Sue is a trooper!

051317 block wall

Elizabeth Giambrone jumped into the anthology with grace and a helpful attitude that ensured the book would get heard of and be promoted around the reading community. She’s working on her own fiction at the same time. She designed our BI Web Page and absolutely took us up a notch in standards.

051317 starts with a drink

Another talented writer, RA Winter brought Native American sagas and time travel to Anteros, and I am hoping she will return for more on that couple. She wrote her story, helped with the cover reveal party, the book launch party, and posted on the Bowman’s Inn blog while undergoing medical issues of her own. She is now busily prodding everyone she encounters to review the book. Amazing.

051317 always with you

There has to be a last person on the list, but Renee Grace Thompson is by no means least. She’s funny, organized, talented, and willing to hang around when a lack of communication made the situation unclear. She has a bunch of great writing out there, I hope you will take a look at those, especially Luck of the (un) Irish.

051317 enjoy yourself

Thank you is such a weak phrase when I think of all these writers have done for the anthology. They have expanded the Anteros Universe and fit all their own ideas and skills inside. We wouldn’t have the wonderful product we do without their love and energy. It does take a lot of people to write a novel and much more to write an anthology. We appreciate the talents of our cover design by Taylor Sullivan and Good House Covers, our editor, Diane Rush at Rush Editing, and our tired, cranky publisher, Mike Hungerford of Double Honey Books who put aside his own needs to get the thing finished after working 40 hours a week at the other job he holds down.

Thank you to infinity and beyond, my companions in Romance, and do come back for the next go round. More heartfelt thanks to those of you who purchased the anthology. Kindly leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your own blog.

051317 many thanks

Click here to find the Bowman’s Inn Spring – Summer 2017 Anthology.

Here to find Sue Seabury’s Shear Luck.

Here to view work by RA Winter.

Here to connect with Renee Grace Thompson’s writing.

Here for ED Vaughn’s work.

Here to stay connected with Elizabeth Giambrone.

And here for Roxanna Haley. D.L. Hungerford can only be found in the Bowman’s Inn anthologies at this time.


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    Don’t forget the big shout out to Demi for putting us together and everything she’s done for us! Her stories are great! Besides helping us, she’s also mentors romance writers on Scribophile and heads a couple of groups over there. And…she had baby birds to feed! Real baby birds! She has to be exhausted!


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