Welcome to Anteros

If you need a quick getaway this month, why not visit Anteros? This mid-size community is the perfect destination for couples who need to reconnect, singles who haven’t lost hope, and cynical tourists who have lost their way to a Happily Ever After. Because in Anteros, we have a high rate of getting soul mates together.042917 cropped cover

Our secret weapon is Cupid, in the form of Valentine Archer, bartender at the Bowman’s Inn. Holding down two jobs is easy for a Greek god. Keeping the love of his life happy takes a little more work. Mandy Boone bought the inn and renovated the pub to look like a classic English public house. She’s happiest when working with Val and keeping the customers smiling.

042917 restaurant-people-alcohol-bar

Spring and Summer are great seasons for the town, where a Native American pow-wow is held nearby, a Girls Night Out happens every weekend, and the local law enforcement personnel can “shift” into action at any time.

Whatever you are looking for, Val and Mandy probably already know and will work with you to get you connected. Jump in on April 30th with Spring-Summer 2017, and if you like what you see, you can catch up with the Yearbook.

042917 couple in trunk

Be sure to follow us at our web page, and on Facebook. We’ll have a great Book Launch Party on Facebook on May 11th with gifts and fun. We’d love to have you join us.

The Bowman’s Inn: Come for the food and beer, stay for the Happily Ever After.

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