The Rational/Irrational Fear that Comes with Being a Writer by Elle W Silver

Fear is such a constant and strong emotion that we evolved a way to deal with it or keep it as far away as possible. Yet, it remains a huge part of our lives. Each one of us experiences fear in some degree and a huge percentage of us chooses to ignore it, do nothing, go on like nothing has happened.

As a writer, I have found that my greatest fear is in sharing my work. I get an idea, plan, plot and map the characters and then sit down to write the story. When I am done, or nearly done. I begin to wonder if the world is ready for the story. What will people think? Will my agent, editor or publisher send it back, telling me they can’t sell this? Or worse, will I finally hit Publish (If I am self-published) or finally get that publishing deal (If I am going traditional) only for readers to give me 1 star reviews or no reviews at all?


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Plantsing for non-gardeners by Evangeline Gold

The constant battle. Plot your story or write it by the seat of your pants?

I used to pants. If I wasn’t feeling the passion, I didn’t write. Now, I do both, and it’s saved my writing. I’m choosing to share my method and madness in case it helps others. If nothing else, you’ll have a good idea of why I’m so crazy afterward.

Get your pencil and paper ready because I’m going to drop some knowledge.Image result for drop the knowledge

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Beta Reading versus Critiques by D.L. Hungerford

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Holy Hogmanay, Batman! by Francisco Cordoba


The honour of bringing the first blog post of 2017 to the Happy Authors’ Guild falls to me, and you know what? I’ve blown it.

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