The Best of Happy Authors Guild’s 263 Posts by D. L. Hungerford

Writing blogs can be difficult. Often we are talking to ourselves because the audience doesn’t hit the like button or comment or even breath loud enough to let us know they are there. But lucky for us, WordPress keeps stats of how many people viewed our posts. Maybe I don’t mean lucky.

The number one most viewed post was published on February 18, 2015. The title is 7 Reasons Why Anti-heroes are Hot by E.M Youman. As you know if you read her posts, she’s very intuitive and absorbs a lot from books and movies. Here’s the link:


“We all love heroes and heroines, but these goody-two-shoe characters are being put in a corner. I’m putting the spotlight on their equally hot cousins. Today we are delving into what made me fall in love with the romance genre and spurred my quest to become a romance writer.”

The second most viewed post was published on July 13, 2016, by a lovely woman who has the unfair advantage of living in an exotic part of the world. She can walk outside and see things we have to pay money to see at the zoo. Besides that, she is an amazing writer which gives her a whole following. Here’s the link to Hidden Treasures by Cayenne Michaels.


“Let’s talk about inspiration. Where does it come from? Is it stored inside of us and stirred awake when we encounter something in our everyday life that brings out this hidden treasure we never knew we carried?

Or, is it handed to us, as a gift, by someone or something that has you or me are the perfect person to see its true potential?”

Third most viewed (I feel I should be asking for an envelope!) showed up on July 24, 2014. Mika Jolie has gone on from this blog to publish a bunch of amazing romances. Her first one, The Scale, captured me totally as the heroine dealt with her body issues. Her post is titled I Write Multicultural Romance Novels. Here’s the link:


“I’ve chosen to write about the kind of romance that reflects today’s society. My FMC and MMC are of a diverse background. While their cultural, demographic differences are mentioned, those things are not the focus. Love is.

I’m a writer of contemporary women’s fiction and romance. I write about diversity without focusing on our differences.”

In our fourth spot, published on January 21, 2015, is Romancing the Trope by Emma Leigh. Tropes come up as topics repeatedly on writing forums, especially in Romance genres. The bottom line seems to be that they are good, some readers expect them, the difference and original spark comes from the way you handle it. Here’s the link:


“Let us all transcend the tropes or give them a new life with meaning. Let us douse our characters in substance and purpose. Let’s forget one true love and embrace the love that is right for me at this point in my life.

I also started my own writing blog for in between my spotlights on this beautiful one here. And I have a facebook, so connect with me!”

We have a tie for 5th place, so I present them in chronological order. On March 11, 2015, Louise Redmann, another writer who lives in a beautiful country of ancient origin, posted On Medieval Speech Patterns and How Much is Too Much. Louise writes great historical romances, taking advantage of the places around her as well as her gifted imagination. Here’s the link:

“I’ve been trying to increase my attention to details, real historical ones that bring the prose alive (that’s the intention, anyway), and forgetting one extremely important detail. Too much salt obliterates the flavour. Over-salting the prose overwhelms the reader. I’m not talking about general historical details to do with weather or clothes; I’m talking about realistic speech patterns, manners, and behaviour that might come across as alien to the casual reader.”

And the final fifth place entry showed up on May 9, 2015. Lizzie Hermanson shared and reviewed a lecture packet from Margie Lawson titled Empowering Characters’ Emotions. Here’s the link:

“The lecture notes look at many ways of adding emotion to your writing, such as backloading, power words, rhetorical devices and emotional hits. A significant portion of each lecture is given way to analyzing extracts from best-selling authors. Examples of deep editing analysis can be seen on the Margie Lawson website.”


I find each and every one of these posts amazing because our usual view rate is ten or less. The next closest to the tied posts is 20 views lower. I know if I had the time and the skills, I could analyze the patterns here and have optimum viewers all the time. I did notice the tag sexy gets more views. And July seems to be a good month for blogs. But overall, I am thrilled these talented people jumped aboard the train and helped get us going forward.

About the Authors:

E. M. Youman lives in the warm part of California. She loves dark chocolate and is a macaroni and cheddar cheese junkie. When she’s not writing a sexy tearjerker she can be found with her nose in a book or doing a Netflix marathon of her favorite tv series.

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Cayenne Michaels is the pen name of a Norwegian expat normally living in Namibia. Currently, she’s on sabbatical studying literature at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

She’s a scuba diving desert rat and a Jack of All Trades, master of…none? A couple of years ago she woke with the crazy idea of writing a book, and she’s been hammering away on the keyboard ever since. It’s a crazy project, a gigantic slice of life type of story and based on the word count it can probably be sold as a brick instead of a book if it ever gets as far as proper book form.

Mika Jolie. Author of contemporary sensual, empowered romance, with fun relatable characters. I’m also a wife, and mommy to 2 energizer bunnies. Member of Secret Cravings Publishing. When I do have time to breathe, I like to run, hike with my camera at hand, and work on my gardening and knitting skills. I promised my husband I’d knit him a scarf…that was 5 years ago.

For latest news on my current WIP, interviews with fellow authors, or just to see what I’m up to, check out my blog at

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 Join me in my journey and celebrate love

Emma Marie Leigh is an aspiring author writing about everything from fairytales to serial killers. She loves writing stories that explore human nature in a darkly humorous light. When she isn’t writing, she loves spending time with her family and studying history. Otherwise, you can find her beaching, watching movies, and plotting. Plotting books, not murders.

Well, sometimes murders.

Connect with her: Blog, Email, Facebook, Twitter


Watch this space for a biography of Louise Redmann, even if I have to make one up.

Lizzie Hermanson is a wife, mother and talented procrastinator. She writes contemporary romance when her cat isn’t hogging the keyboard and loves Happy Ever Afters. Find her on Twitter @lizziehermanson


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