The Sparkle Continues…by Kathryn L. James

What is it you want Mary?
You want the Moon?
Just say the word and
I’ll throw a lasso around it
And pull it down.
Hey, that’s a pretty good idea,
I’ll give you the moon Mary.

I absolutely love that the amazing author DL Hungerford beat me to blogging about the great movies for this time of year. I almost changed my subject to Christmas Love Songs, Writing a Christmas Romance Novel, or Planning My Next Years Writing Bucket List. And then I decided to continue the sparkling topic of romantic movies for the season. I LOVE her post and LOVE the movies she suggested.
One of my favorite Christmas movies is While You Were Sleeping. The story-line of Lucy being in love/infatuated with Peter (one of the brothers) while all the long falling in true love with Jack (the other brother). It’s funny. It’s sweet. It’s about a girl finding love, a meddling family to call her own, and it’s one I could watch every time it comes on. Hopefully, this one is on your list! 🙂
Peter once asked me
when it was that I fell in love with Jack, and I told him,
it was While You Were Sleeping.
– Lucy
Next, on the top of my Christmas romantic movies shout out list is The Holiday. That kiss where Graham, played by Jude Law, kisses Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz. Where he kisses each of her closed eyes….Gahhhh, it’s the best. I get butterflies every time I watch that one scene. It’s over the top with romantic gestures!
Writing a Christmas Romance Novel is on my bucket list and after reading her post and me adding a few more, I think I want to move it up the chain of importance! I love reading them, so I’m thinking maybe I’d like to write one! They’ll be plenty of angst. Lot’s of steaminess. Loads of sex. And a happily ever after with maybe even a kiss or two under the mistletoe.
My post is short and sweet because it’s wild in the James house on this Christmas Eve. It’s my most favorite time of the year. Even if it’s in Winter. (A little KJ trivia, I’m a beach and flip-flop kind of girl, LOL.)
Happy writing and happy reading!
Until next time,
Kathryn L. James (KJ)



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