A Touch of Chaos by Bren Kyveli

Can beauty be found in chaos?


My knee-jerk reaction is: “Pfft. Absolutely not. Chaos is terrible and serves no purpose, there must be order in all things.”

But then I wrote a book and it changed my mind.

For over a year, I  planned every detail of A Thousand Wishes, plotted every turn and twist along the way, choreographed the perfect scenes to illicit the most emotional responses possible… I knew my characters and my story better than myself.

Or at least I thought I did.

I wrote and wrote and wrote, following the plan to the letter, and suddenly I came to my planned ending. It wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. If I ended my story at that point, readers would never forgive me and would never trust me to tell them another story again.

But NaNoWriMo 2016 was coming to an end and damn it I was going to finish this novel. I had no choice but to go off plan if I wanted an ending to my story.

The pen scratched across the page, of it’s own accord. And right before my eyes, the ending—the dramatic, heart wrenching, emotionally charged ending—unfolded onto the pages. The villain fully revealed himself to both the story’s protagonist as well its author.

Not only did an ending appear but also the possible start of another book! That most certainly wasn’t in the original or the backup plan.

Can beauty be found in chaos?

It pains me to admit this but yes, yes there is in fact beauty in (minor) chaos. But you have to be willing to fight through the madness to see it. To use it.

Had I never went against all of my instincts, gave up control and let the pen—and the characters—take me where the story needed, my novel would’ve been a flop before it had a chance to meet its first reader.

Sometimes, a little chaos is apparently the breath of fresh air that the soul needs. Embrace it.




Bren Kyveli is a stay at home mom of a spirited three year old little girl and a couple of rescued mutts. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart since 2005. She’s had a deep love for the written word since she was a toddler; reading everything she could get her hands on and always writing in a fancy journals with a pretty pens. Bren writes contemporary Romance, Erotica and Drama in the hours left at the end of the day when her house has gone to sleep.

You can find additional stories and poems at thepolkadotcoffeecup.com, or follow her on Twitter at @AuthorBKyveli and if you’re really brave you can check out her Muses at work on Pinterest.

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