Wait, What?

Has it been two months already? It’s my turn again? Wow. Okay. I have something to write. I had a brilliant idea a month ago, and decided, “nah, I don’t need to write this brilliant idea down. I’ll just make sure to write it in the morning.” So the next morning, chaos broke loose in my house, like it always does, because kids and school. And I said, “I’ll get to writing my blog post later.” And then I didn’t. But I remembered what I was going to write about.

Then… I finally got around to remembering that I needed to write something, sat down to write it, and couldn’t remember what my brilliant idea was about. So then I was going to write about trying to write while I’m not feeling well/stressed out. Which I was going to do over the weekend. But I was out of town for four days at my in-laws’, and didn’t really have time. Now it’s Monday evening, and I’m just now sitting down to write this thing.

And I’m not writing about any of what I’d planned on writing. Why? Because my brain said, “screw it,” laughed hysterically at me for thinking I could get away with writing that thing I said I was going to write (just like the other zillion things I have planned), and added, “I do what I want.”

No. I haven’t seen Avengers lately, even if I do adore Hiddles. But my mind definitely has a mind of its own. Not sure how that works. Or really where I’m going with this, other than that my brain won’t let me write anything that is productive. But… it is letting me write. So I guess I’ve at least got that.

Or maybe I am going to write about writing through stress. Because I procrastinate worse and worse the more stressed I am. I’m sure it’s partly because my mind is all over the place and I can’t turn off enough stuff to be able to get the important stuff dealt with.

Of course… now that I’ve finally dealt with all the things and my stress level has gone down (and the resulting migraines have stopped), I can finally get back to writing.

Or can I?

I have plenty to choose from. I have a short story to write for the Bowman’s Inn, which has a deadline just inside December. I have a sequel to an erotica piece I published earlier this month under a pen name, and I have another short story I’m writing for another world. Plus my full length novel, Nerdgasm, to make words on. And another novel I need to finish (start) revisions on. And two series of short stories that intertwine together into one bigger story.

But I don’t know where to start.

I know I need to make words on the one with a deadline first, but I can’t find the words for that right now. I’ll be pushing the deadline on that. I have no motivation what-so-ever on the novel that needs revisions. The sequel to the erotica piece I wrote is still just… stuck. The story for the other world was started a while ago, and needs a few revisions before I continue on. And I’m not quite sure where I need to go next on the two intertwined stories. In fact, the only thing I even want to work on is Nerdgasm.

So I guess I work on that until my muse allows me to work on the thing that needs my attention most — a short story about a shoulder angel and his devil.

Onward and upward!


An eclectic writer, Milli Gilbert is a stay-at-home mom who loves to play with words almost as much as she loves to play with her kids. All of her stories involve romance, and maybe a little bit of mystery. Milli loves to write about cowboys and shifters. And smut. Don’t forget the smut. And can usually be found trying to find interesting ways to combine them. She has several short stories published, and hopes to have her first full length novel out in late Summer 2017. She just took off after one of her couples to follow them around for a few months – but don’t worry, she’ll be back. If not, you can find her (and all of her links) on her blog, Hairballs of Genius.

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