Title Goes Here By Polly J Brown

Today’s my day to blog, and I didn’t forget. I’ve been working on a post for days about finding the right title for your novel. It’s something that I’m currently struggling with.

I chose the title for my novel before I began to write it. At the time I thought it was perfect, but after writing a draft and going through several revisions, the shine wore off. The focus of the story shifted and I know my characters much better than I did a year and a half ago. Now, the title I picked to crown my story sits crooked.

Readers (and people in general) are quick to make first impressions. Research has shown that a first impression is established in a matter of seconds. Once impressions have been created, it can be difficult to change them. To a potential reader perusing titles in a bookstore (or on-line), the title is an author’s first opportunity to capture their attention. That makes it one of the most important tools in a marketing arsenal.

This blog post was intended to discuss what makes a stand out title, and how titles can be created. However, there’s a wall between my brain and the keyboard. Talking about what makes a strong title seems hypocritical when I can’t seem to find one for my own work. Instead, I’m going to leave this post short.

But not without leaving some entertaining links.

The first is a Title Scorer. Yes, there is such a thing! Type in your novel’s title, plug in a few fields and the tool will tell you the probability of your novel’s success based on the title.


The second is a Title Generator. Fill the fields in with adverbs, verbs and nouns, and the generator will present you with ten different possible titles.


My novel’s title is a process I’m not going to rush. Right now, I’m back to basics brainstorming titles with a pen and paper. Writing down words, flipping them into different combinations, waiting for that spark of inspiration to hit.

One day I’ll come back and finish the post I meant to leave you with today.


Polly J. Brown manages money and people, both at work and home. She resides on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore with her husband, three children, and a geriatric beagle. She belongs to the Happy Author’s Guild Blog. When she isn’t dreaming of writing short stories, she is hard at work editing her first novel length work or distracting herself by writing a second. She can be found on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PollyjBrownAuthor

Twitter: @PollysScribbles




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