Big Trouble in the Blogosphere

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood blog mistress here to let you know there’s nothing to see here. Move along, move along. Just a slight miscommunication between me and the person who should have been posting a blog today. The End

You see, we have a rotating list of 16 authors who get to post a blog ever other month, usually. Sometimes people drop out, sometimes others join us, and sometimes I forget to send out the monthly rotation list. I do try to remind the authors when it will be their turn. We have had pretty good luck over the 222 posts thus far.

081716 serendipity

The problem is, this all started on the writer’s community, . As authors get more productive and well known, then they often leave Scribophile due to more writing commitments and less time for goofing off on line. Then when I send them a reminder message on Scribophile, they don’t get it.

081716 keep busy

I usually follow up with an email or chat or Facebook message when I don’t hear back from the scheduled author. This week, I was busy and it’s hot and I know I put the check in the mail. I’m thinking I should just use email from now on.

081716 never too many cats

Anyway, the author who should have posted today may realize that they forgot to post and something will be up here soon that is more entertaining than this whiney rant about trying to herd cats. It’s just that the cats never answer their email!

081716 organize cats

Hope all is well with you and that you don’t unfollow us because we failed to post something interesting this one time. I hope we haven’t jumped the shark just yet.

081716 jump the shark


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