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RWA San Diego

You’ve spent the past six months (or twelve months, or three years) pouring your heart into the pages of a novel. You’ve written, revised, sent to critique partners and beta-readers, crossed every t and dotted every i… and now you’re finally ready to send your creation out into the world.

But if you’re seeking traditional publication, first you’ve got to get the attention of a literary agent or editor. Often, this means months (or years) of sending out query letters, hoping to be plucked from the depths of the slush pile. And while the slush pile is not to be discounted (my agent found me in her slush pile!), there’s something to be said for the ability to talk one-on-one with a publishing professional about your work, to have their undivided attention and be able to sell your story in person.

At this week’s RWASD meeting, you’ll have the chance…

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