Online Inspiration for Writers by Matt Mansfield

While I put great stock in my imagination as a writer, I also know that creativity is a hungry beast; one that forever hunts for inspiration.

Happily, there’s tons of inspiration in my life. Heck, my four kids alone provide me with enough weekly drama and comedy to fuel a book or two! Continue reading

The Sad Reality of Editing by Nikki Belaire

There’s an icon on my laptop that mocks me. Incessant in its blinking, a pencil scrolling across an open book as if the words can’t move from the head to the hand fast enough. Yet, once I stop typing, the scrolling ceases too. Even worse, when the graphic pauses, a red X covers the pencil. A damning reminder that I’m not writing. Not meeting my deadline. Not finishing my book. I hate that button. Continue reading

Getting Organized By Kathryn L. James

Getting organized.


Writing my second novel has proved to be just as hard as writing my first. It’s been five months since publishing and I wrote it entirely panster style. This go around, I’m learning the art of organization and creating story board plotting. Hanging out in writer circles, I found a few of my writing friends use story boards to get their plot, characters, and development off and running. Continue reading

Voyage of the Bland

Words! How glorious they fall on the page. Fast or slow, deep or shallow, they drip from my fingers like misty drizzle or hammer from my heart in torrents. However they choose to come, I do my best to accept and relate them without prejudice.

And therein, Dear Reader, lies the rub. How I wish it were one of those warm, tingly, exciting rubs on delicate parts that leave us breathless and singing inside—but it’s not.

Continue reading

Turning Tropes on their Ears

I have never met a trope I couldn’t twist. There’s something so satisfying about playing with the expectations of readers. Tropes, like clichés, are both useful and hazardous. They are short cuts to meaning, but come with baggage. A well placed cliché paints a colorful image in just a few words. A poorly placed one elicits groans. Continue reading