Warm and Fuzzy, reboot

Can never be too sure!

 So, you just found out your boyfriend’s a werewolf. Relax and take a deep breath, everything’s going to be fine. There will just be a few… quirks you’ll have to live with.  Not like any of us don’t have our moments.

All those old legends, superstitions, and myths had to come from somewhere, right? This means you’re not actually going crazy. I’m hoping as you read this post some of the fears will be soothed, because let’s face it, Alpha males don’t go away easily (especially if they have it in their mind you’re theirs).

Maybe I should first start with congratulation, you survived. Yay! Well, that look of horror your giving me would never go over well.  What guy, after opening up about something important, wouldn’t be hurt.  I’m not saying he’d kill you, geesh, dramatic much? The initial shock and the glance at the closest exit should have clued you into your new reality: Your boy can read you! Don’t all women want a guy in tune with our moods and can step in?

Look at this development as a good thing. Turn that frown up side down.  You passed the first test, because more than likely he would have chased you down if you tried for that door. Silly werewolf guys and their need to tackle prey running away.  You’re not dealing with a dog here that would rather run after bones or cars or something. This instinct is far greater, along the lines of stalk and consume. I’m getting entirely too off track…

Should I mention my qualifications? I’ve worked with animals of various kinds for thirty some years; either, finding them along the way on my own or through the Veterinary Clinic where we treated dogs, cats, horses, cows, and the local zoo. There’s nothing quite like having a panther stare you down to show how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. But again I’m veering slightly sideways since we’re talking werewolves. (were-panthers are an entirely different species though if you like purring and have a constant supply of raw meat…) I also write a lot of paranormal stories. This life experience translates into furry creatures that go bump in the night, often times more than once. ;}

Yes, lucky you! This guy of yours has to be pretty great if he’s showing off his furry side; normally they’re not allowed to do this for just anyone. I mean there’s a reason you were drawn to him to begin with- the muscles (and I’m sure they are pretty) or possibly the dark and brooding vibe. The whole bad-boy, Alpha Male mojo? I don’t blame you, who could resist!?!

Once you’re past the physical prowess, something had you stare at the phone for days on end waiting to hear his deep, rumbling voice. That spark of awareness from when he touched your hand the first time and pulled you closer. His ability to shred clothing quickly? If any of these pertain, then life could only get better. Werewolves have a tendency to be very hands on and possessive. He might say ‘mine’ a lot too. Who doesn’t want a cute pet name?

Don’t worry; you’ll get a few hours to yourself once a month -during the full moon. (There are several myths and superstitions that are easy to look up and find that’ll explain in more detail so I won’t go into that now) They may be a bit more intense during this time because of the wolf-needing out. Run and play, sounds fun. The whole supernatural community revers the moon though, but only the werewolf has to shift forms during this time. Isn’t that cool! So, remember he might be a tad bit of a Mr. Grumpypants, but it’s not like we don’t have our moments during the month ladies. But don’t fear, there are a few apps out there to help track the moon. Just make sure your Fluffy stays inside. Better safe than sorry since that would be an awkward conversation the day after.

There have been rumors going around about vitamin combinations that help were-creatures not shift. I’m only mentioning this because werewolves might be a tad bit more irritable when avoiding the call of the moon. The vitamin option would be needed though for those that have to work. It’s not like a hunky cop, firefighter, or strapping military dude can just call in with an excuse of needing to run naked under the moon. *sigh* Sorry, had to take a break for a moment and …

Speaking of gainful employment, werewolves have a great work ethic. Once they sink their teeth into something, doesn’t take long for them to devour it. Maybe their assertive approach to life, or that they like to work with their strong, capable hands, comes in handy. Haha, made a funny!

Werewolves are generally pretty social creatures and generally belong to a pack.    Each wolf within has a position in the hierarchy. The occasional “Lone Wolf” survives on their own though. Can you believe your luck of finding a guy that belongs to a gang. From what I’ve heard, these packs, they’re a great support system and alibi. Bonus!

And, if you ever get lost, the wolf heightened sense of smell and hearing would come in handy. This extra ability makes them great trackers. Your guy will be able to find you anywhere.

All I’m saying is to be proud. This werewolf chose you. Give those furry ears a stroke and let him run on the moon. He’ll come home to you as soon as he’s chases the last critter away. Who wouldn’t want to be Team Jacob or Alcide? Sign me up for some of that!









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