Writing backward: Knowing the ending first. by Bren Kyveli

The EndDo you ever find your story wandering off down random paths or fizzling out into mundane nothingness or worse halting at the first sign of a plot twist?

Right now, there are dozens of unfinished/half formed scenes, short stories, characters with no plot, plots with no characters and even ten chapters of a novel(!) all sitting in my Scrivener… lost, wondering why their author abandoned them.

It’s because I never knew their endings. Not one of them.

Now I’m no about to preach the “plotting and planning” dogma, some of us (myself included) cannot work in such strict environments. If I plan too much, the Muses will simply sit on their ethereal asses not even remotely interested in the work.

But even though my best work comes when I let my fingers run along the keyboard, I must have a final destination for my story to work towards. Knowing my ending when I begin, allows me to wrangle stubborn characters into submission, avoid the mundane, and whip the plot line into shape like some fierce, bad-ass lion tamer.

So the next time your story looses it’s way, don’t start over from the beginning… start over from the end.once



Bren Kyveli is a stay at home mom of a spirited two year old little girl and a couple of rescued mutts. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart for twelve years now. She’s had a deep love for the written word since she was a toddler; reading everything she could get her hands on and writing in a fancy journals with a pretty pens. Bren writes contemporary Romance and Erotica in the hours left at the end of the day when the house has gone to sleep, some of which you can find over at thepolkadotcoffeecup.com

3 thoughts on “Writing backward: Knowing the ending first. by Bren Kyveli

  1. I’ve ran into this problem before and it was ultimately because I had a vague idea of the ending but it wasn’t really nailed down. So my story and characters still though they had free rein.

    I put the whole work aside and focused on my characters and the ending I wanted them to have. Then I hand wrote out a full outline for that ending. From there I was able to go back through and edit (A LOT) to wrestle it into a purring ball of fur.

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