Build Your Story by D.L. Hungerford

I’ve made the commitment to give two hours every weekday to my novel writing. Weekends are for blogs and other fun projects. I am accountable for these two hours because I go on-line to my writing communities and state that I am “sprinting,” a term we use when we sit at a keyboard and just write.

A friend asked me what I do if I am sitting there at the top of the two hours, and nothing comes for me to write. I had to use my creativity here, because I am one of those lucky ones who never is at a loss for words. (Pardon me while I evoke the Spirit of the Tree that make my desk) If I ever did have this problem, I would write on something else for a day. I have a huge reservoir of ideas to call on.

If that failed, I would try a poem. Or I would go on line and find a prompt to explore. So I thought for this blog I would put together a visual prompt and give you choices on how the story will work.

Pick one of these couples.

Pick one of these locations.

They have just met when they arrived there. One of them has (pick one):

The other has (pick one):

One of them (you decide) is hiding (pick one):

030916 child

A lost child.

030916 treasure

A Lost Treasure

030916 crown

A Lost Royal Birthright

Throw in (Pick several):

There! You have the basis of an exciting story. Post your results in the comments, if you like. Have a great day.

One thought on “Build Your Story by D.L. Hungerford

  1. Reblogged this on Gianna Leighton and commented:
    Somethings it can be difficult to write when your “muse” doesn’t show up for the allotted writing time. I have a tendency to stare at the screen or rewrite a sentence over and over again. Trying out some prompts is a great idea for changing up the usual writing routine.

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