Is Writing Easy? By Kathryn L. James

I’ve been asked, “Does writing come easy for you?” My answer is easy. Hell no.

Maybe it’s my writing style of being a panster that makes it challenging. If you aren’t familiar with the term panster, it means fly by the seat of your pants and write what comes to mind without a plan of where the story is going to go. I’ve tried to plot out an outline and it just didn’t work for me. Another habit that surely slows me down is how I write and edit at the same time. After each paragraph, I tend to stop and re-read my work. Sometimes I simply change a word or two, or I may delete the entire thing and start over. Getting a chapter just right takes takes more than several attempts before I’m satisfied. At this point I’m only in phase one of my writing process.

Often times I find writing frustrating, but in a good way. It’s about trying to make the reader love my characters as much as I do.

Next, after critiques and beta reads, (I adore this part of the process), it’s back to editing again. I’ve sat in my writer’s cave rolling my eyes at what a fresh pair of eyes caught that I didn’t…even after reading my own work more than a dozen times.

Once I’ve combed through the story again and again, I’m guessing you think it’s finally ready to publish. Nope! At this point, I’ve finished what I call phase two. This is when I send my baby for professional editing services for a few more rounds of polishing.

Currently I’m working on two different stories at one time. Crazy Beautiful Kiss (the short in the anthology Story of a Kiss) holds a pretty special place in my heart because I’ve loved the characters, Colin and Calista since they made their first appearance in Crazy Beautiful Lies. I don’t have a release date yet, but a full length is coming and it’ll be full of angst and emotion.

The second piece I’m working on is a stand alone titled Chasing Wicked…and that’s exactly what it is. More to come on this one, but I will say Stone and Avery have super hot chemistry and I’m having a good time writing about them.

While the process may not be easy. . .it’s fun! If anyone is inspired to write, I challenge you to start today. Let your imagination run wild and free and hop on the carousel of writing, editing, writing, and editing with the rest of us.

Until next time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)


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