Deadlines: Friend or foe? by Bren Kyveli

Some people thrive with a deadline looming up head and some people freeze into a block of ice.

For me, if the deadline is for my scheduled spot on the group blog, a paid for contest, or some other reason where people are counting on me then the project is first priority. 


img_4668Ironically, the moment I decided to make a post on deadlines… I’ve been super sick, and couldn’t think of the right words. My husband suggested I for go my spot this week, which of course was unacceptable. So I’ve written this post in the doctor’s office and in the few stolen moments of lucidity.

However, if it’s a personal deadline… Forget it.

The Muses seem to treat personal deadlines like students treat a substitute teacher; suddenly everything else under the sun is more interesting/important, it doesn’t matter if the work gets done because “it’s not a real assignment.”

Which worries me about my novel. I’ve set my self-publishing deadline as June of this year (and made it very public declaration). So hopefully the Muses will respect this extremely important personal deadline.

But it makes me wonder… What would I do, how would I react if I the real world was like an action novel, where there were life threatening deadlines to meet?

What would you do?


Bren Kyveli is a stay at home mom of a spirited two year old little girl and a couple of rescued mutts. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart for twelve years now. She’s had a deep love for the written word since she was a toddler; reading everything she could get her hands on and writing in a fancy journals with a pretty pens. Bren writes contemporary Romance and Erotica in the hours left at the end of the day when the house has gone to sleep, some of which you can find over at

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