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Something exciting happened in my life a few days ago- I officially became a published author. My short story, Ever Be, was included in the Story of a Kiss Anthology along with stories of twelve other writers, many of whom belong to the Happy Author’s Guild.

Ever Be is the story of Evangeline and Greg, two surfers struggling to get over their fear of the water after Evangeline nearly drowns.

book & teaser

I used to believe that writing a story, a novel, even a poem was the hard work. A writer pours countless hours on plotting, writing, editing, beta reads, formatting, with maybe a little wine and some self-deprecating talk in there too. Speaking for my experience with Ever Be, I spent three weeks thinking through the story, three weeks writing it, and revisions continued for three months after that. Finally, the finished copy was submitted.

I sat back and relaxed, believing that once the story’s written and it’s been sent off to be published, life should get back to normal.


Nope. Writing was the easy part.

After the story is finished, next comes the marketing and promotion. These days, whether you’re self-published, indie published, or traditionally published, authors are expected to do a lot of promotion. In fact, many publishers want to see that you’ve already established yourself on social media.

Over the past few months, I’ve had to step up my involvement on Facebook, use my Twitter account (the cobwebs were pretty thick over there), create a newsletter list (and the newsletter to go with it), design teasers, blurbs, profile pictures, and social media banners. I’ve had to learn new computer programs, become tech savvy (ha!), and I even figured out how to shorten urls.  The next step on my list is to create a web site. I’ve had moments where my computer would’ve been thrown across the room (figuratively speaking) if one of my anthology partners hadn’t come to my rescue.

The great thing about participating in an anthology is that you have the support of other authors. I have twelve other authors promoting my work, and I am doing the same for them. Since I haven’t had much experience self-promoting, I’ve been looking to the more experienced members of our group for advice and took on our Twitter handle as a way to help.

Any writers group will have endless discussions about social media- whether it really works, if it’s necessary, if publishers consider a writer’s social media presence when accepting a piece for publication. Truthfully, I stay away from the debate because there’s no right answer. However, having a social media presence ready ‘just in case’ is a good idea.

So have fun, tweet away, and let the ‘Who’ find you.

SOAK thirteen

Story of a Kiss Anthology is now available!



Teaser slideshow:

Book Trailer:

Polly J. Brown manages money and people, both at work and home. She resides on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore with her husband, three children, and a geriatric beagle. She belongs to the Happy Author’s Guild Blog. When she isn’t dreaming of writing short stories, she is hard at work editing her first novel length work or distracting herself by writing a second. She can be found on:





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