Deadlines: Friend or foe? by Bren Kyveli

Some people thrive with a deadline looming up head and some people freeze into a block of ice.

For me, if the deadline is for my scheduled spot on the group blog, a paid for contest, or some other reason where people are counting on me then the project is first priority.  Continue reading

The Power of the Pen by Bren Kyveli

The pen is an instrument of discovery rather than just a recording implement.

-Billy Collins

sharpie-stainless-steel-pen-blueskypapers-1 (1)

Holding a pen in my hand is like having a magic wand with the power to turn the images, emotions, and ideas in my imagination into a tangible and shareable piece of literature. There’s something organic and pure and cathartic in using a real pen that you can’t get from a lifeless keyboard. Continue reading

Be S.M.A.R.T

By Milli Gilbert

No, really. I know it sounds silly, but… when’s the last time you set a goal? Let’s up the ante a little bit, and ask when’s the last time you actually met a goal you’ve set for yourself?

I know. It’s hard sometimes, especially when life happens. Kids are going crazy, a pipe breaks in the basement or the toilet floods. Maybe the dog is loose, somewhere, in the neighborhood. I get it. There are distractions.

But goals. Be S.M.A.R.T. about them. Continue reading

The First Time

If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with the joy and pride of dozens of first experiences. From the first time you hear your baby cry and hold her in your arms to watching her take her first steps and say her first words.

Even if you don’t have kids, you have many of your own first experiences – the magic of your first kiss, the exciting feeling of driving home from DMV with your brand new driver’s license or the pride you felt on the first day of your very first job. It’s an amazing feeling.

For authors there are even more first experiences to look forward to… and worry about. The first rejection if you submit to a traditional publisher, your first publication, the first sale and the first review. It’s such an emotional roller coaster.


As you may know, I recently wrote Forbidden Kisses as part of the Story of a Kiss anthology.  A Military Romance in which Layla, who is an enlisted member of the Navy, meets the perfect guy while she’s on leave. After several fun-filled days and passionate nights, she discovers Ethan is also in the Navy – and he’s an officer! According to military regulations personal relationships between officers and enlisted members are prohibited. In order to avoid disciplinary action and protect both of their careers, they need to put an end to their relationship. Unfortunately, they share a fiery attraction and have already gotten in too deep.

teaser 62

Last week I had a wonderful first experience when the hard copy of  Story of a Kiss arrived in the mail. It’s great to read the electronic version of a story you’ve written, but for me, there is nothing like holding the tangible fruit of my labor.  It felt more real. I picked up a copy, squealed, spun around. And touched it… over and over. I flipped through the pages and looked at the words that I wrote.


I have a copy by my bed and a copy in my car. I still can’t get over it.

Today I experienced another first. My first not-so-wonderful review. (I know! I’m just as shocked as you are!) I’ve known from the beginning that not everyone would enjoy my writing, but still – ouch. Seeing that review made me doubt – just for a while, but it also increased my motivation to make my future work even better.

Next month I’m scheduled to attend a book signing.


I know! Me! I’m extremely nervous, but hopefully it will be a step to move my writing career forward. If you’re in the area on March 12, 2016, come by Bahama Breeze and see how I do at another first.

Writing Fast, by May Burnett

Some self-appointed experts claim you do not come into your own as a writer until after you’ve written at least a million words. Even the admired classic writers of any genre needed to develop their voice and skill over time. When you compare the first novel of Georgette Heyer to those she wrote ten or twenty years later, it is undeniable how the style and technique improved, though perhaps not the plotting. Yet by my count, unless she discarded a lot of pages, it did not take her anything like a million words until she produced one of my favorites, These Old Shades. Continue reading

Shoot! I had a name a moment ago… by E.D. Vaughn

“Momma, I can’t find anything to drink. Can you make some tea?”

That would be where my thoughts get stopped in their tracks.  I adore my TeenRex beyond belief, but lately I cringe when I hear her voice. Have you ever had one of those days that as soon as your butt hits the cushion the questions start? Continue reading

Tweet to Who?

Something exciting happened in my life a few days ago- I officially became a published author. My short story, Ever Be, was included in the Story of a Kiss Anthology along with stories of twelve other writers, many of whom belong to the Happy Author’s Guild.

Ever Be is the story of Evangeline and Greg, two surfers struggling to get over their fear of the water after Evangeline nearly drowns.

book & teaser

Continue reading