Winter Dreams by D.L. Hungerford

The fourth book in The Bowman’s Inn anthologies, Winter, is weeks away from being published. Which means all the stories have been reviewed by the editors, the authors have polished the works until they sparkle like snowflakes, and we’re looking ahead to another year in our mythical city of Anteros.cupid-p

While I have enjoyed writing these stories, both as Roxanna Haley and my own name, for some reason the Winter story hit some key emotional notes for me and those who have looked it over. That’s very exciting!  To be able to convey the laughter and tears of my characters is always a goal for me.

101815 Irish Val

Val in Ireland

I had the idea that during a big snow storm, when no one was out for a drink at the pub, Valentine Archer, also known as Eros or Cupid, would tell his love Mandy, who was Psyche in an earlier life, about a past life they shared. Three or so possible lives suggested themselves. And someday I might write those as well.

For instance, following the Civil War in the USA, Val traveled in a wagon across the south, peddling potions.  Mandy worked as a nurse in a hospital trying to help wounded veterans from both sides to find hope and a meaningful life.

012016 african couple

In pre-European contact Africa, Val became a powerful healer and leader, and Mandy became his student. Can’t wait to work on that one!

But in one life, Eros and his soul mate did not have a happy life. That’s basically what Mandy asked him to tell her. And while it hurts him remember when he let her down,Val reached back to the 1300s in Ireland.

012016 irish cottage

Soul mates, finding your one, these are themes I love and that will never grow old for me. Reading or writing, or watching a movie, give me two people who are meant for each other and a conflict keeping them apart. When they overcome that issue and end up together, how wonderful the magic and the love they share!

My sister always identified with the Disney Cinderella, and she has worked very hard in her life, even after her own prince showed up. I identified with Sleeping Beauty, knowing all I had to give to a relationship but stuck in an evil enchantment of my own creating, doubting my self-worth. My charming soul mate has never understood how I can not see my value as he battles the thorns and the dragon that grew up around me.

Every relationship has a tale, and every person wants their happily ever after. May your winter dreams be uplifting and bring you exactly what you need this year.

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