A Spark of Creativity by: Bren Kyveli

Do you know how to build a fire?

If you were stranded out in the woods with only the clothes on your back, would you know how to get the life-saving fire going? Sounds easy right? Get some sticks, set them on fire and done.

Not exactly, there’s more too it than that.

Before you attempt to create a fire, you have to set up your pit. Rock placement, placing the kindling, choosing the right size of stick, arranging them so they’ll actually burn.

Now you’re ready to start making fire.

But wait, what about starting it?

Don’t worry you were gifted with a flint and steel. So you strike them together, creating a spark. It hits the dried leaf bundle and now you have a nice little ember. You must be extremely gentle with it; too much air and it’ll blow out, too little and it’ll smother. You gently and very lovingly place it under your pre-built fireplace, carefully blowing on it giving it life.

Oh no! The wood’s not burning, and the ember is starting to fade.

Don’t panic, your sticks are too big. Take away the larger ones, but leave the twigs. Good those are catching, now add a one or two of the larger ones. Keep adding pieces one by one until you can comfortably stand a foot or two away from your hearth. Once you get to this point, keeping the fire going is easy. Simply add that big fat log to the top of the pile and enjoy the warmth all through the night.

78f7b6577de51723c7d6969985c9dd59 (1)So what does building a campfire have to do with us writers?

Everything. Because to become an author, one must follow the same process.

For me, writer and author are not interchangeable.

One progresses from a writer to an author, to published author, to a bestselling author. The same way one progresses from a spark to an ember to a small flame to a life-saving fire.


Bren Kyveli is a stay at home mom of a spirited two year old little girl and a couple of old faithful dogs. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart for twelve years now. Her nose has been in a book since she was a toddler, a trait her own daughter is already embracing. While she has been a writer for quite some time now, she has only recently been trying on the title of author, and plans to have her debut novel published by June of 2016.

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