A Thankful Heart by D.L. Hungerford

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving on my planet, in my country, and in my house. I am very thankful that I have loving family, even though none of them are close enough to share it with me and my husband. This year we are inviting friends over who also have limited family and not much to do. I am thankful that I am in a position to do this.


I have adopted a sweet dog from the shelter. She has gotten deep into our hearts in a matter of days. It’s been a dozen years or more that I wanted another dog, but when renting, we have to let the property owners decide. They finally said yes, and we finally found Tilda. She is a Daddy’s Girl, but I do love her too. She’s my walk buddy when no one else is available. She only became available for adoption the day before I showed up to meet her. I am so thankful!

As a writer, my mind is a scary place. Characters and plot points roam around unchained. Some are under construction, some are waiting their turn. One or two are the villains of the piece. They hope to wreak havoc and get away with it. I am thankful for them all, because a well-rounded story needs all these elements.

dream yard

I have a yard that is a total mess, front and back, but I am thankful for that. It means I won’t be wasting the days off coming at me. I will be outside in the beautiful California sunshine with possible showers, enjoying nature for a few minutes before I hack it to bits. I have so many plans for these yards, and only by letting them get so out of hand did I come to a place were I am determined to set things right. I am thankful for this on-going task.

make time

For my age and weight and genetic composition, I am rather healthy and active. I’m losing weight because I am being smarter about my diet and I am exercising nearly every day. I lived through depression in my twenties through my forties, and have achieved a better place and balance. I have married a man who is the ideal match for me. We share a love such as I would like to have all of my characters find. It’s a wonder we never take for granted. I found him late in my life, but I am thankful we did find each other.

I live with many parrots, finches, and canaries, loving each of them for all the individuality they have. My house rings with songs during the day, and is quiet at night except for little chirps now and then. It’s an amazing hobby that made me a better person through having room here for them. They make the house dirty, sometimes smelly, and because strangers coming over excites them, many people don’t see the best side of them. And for that I am thankful. Not everyone should have a parrot as a companion animal. They keep me busy and amused. The flock is a joy.

071915 songof my people

Tomorrow, I wish for you that your family and friends, often closer than family, remind you of why you are thankful for them. May you have the feast of the right size for your circumstances, a day of safe travel if you must, and a weekend of remembering that you can only make a difference in your world. If we all pulled for positive thought and thankful hearts, what a difference we would make.


Born and raised in Southern California, DL Hungerford began writing right about the time you would expect. She honed her skills through fanzines, epic letters, and minutes for various clubs. She also wrote newsletter submissions for clubs, as well as movie and book reviews.
She loves the world of fiction, especially Regency England, but hopes to explore other horizons as time permits. She still lives in Southern California with her husband, a spoiled cat, a much more spoiled dog, and a flock of parrots and other birds.

You may follow her blog at https://windr0se.wordpress.com/ or talk to her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HungerfordsHistoricals

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