A Plea to Keep Nanowrimo Inspirational by Celia Maye

Nanowrimo time! Tomorrow tens of thousand of writers will put words on a new page. New novels will turn from a whisper into a fact. New characters. New plots. New authors will join into the frenzy.

The only thing more exciting than Nanowrimo is this inspiration:

typewriter inspiration

I’m bummed I won’t be joining this year. I’ve completed four Nanos, and all have been amazing experiences. Part of the experience is joining in the Nano conversations on Twitter and blogs. Mostly those conversations are as inspirational as Rick Malambri with a typewriter.

But there is one tiny thing that bothers me about Nano conversations, and it’s this:

You’ll rewrite all 50k because it’s not going to be good.

50k isn’t even a full novel, so you’ll just have to write more away

Nanowrimo throws poorly written stories into the universe

The writing will be crap, crap, crap.

what the hell

It’s become common—acceptable even—to be discouraging about Nanowrimo. And that makes me feel itchy, sad and a little bit angry.

Tomorrow is the beginning. It’s a day of writing those first magic words that hold promise and hope. We wouldn’t discourage an author from writing a novel in March by telling them it will be crap. So why do we do it in November? As if novels written in November are inherently lacking.

I understand most of the ‘it’s going to suck’ advice comes from an altruistic place of reminding writers that revisions are part of the process and that not every scene we write is brilliant on the first try.

Yes, Nano novels need revision. Just like every other novel ever written.

Is there a specific month where one can write a novel that doesn’t require revision? Because, sign me up!

For those who want to write about Nano revisions—awesome! But let’s not trample the magic before it starts.

My plea: write about those needed revisions on December 1st. Let the Nano magic happen. Let writers draft with abandon. Let’s spend the month writing like this:

no power can stop me

Go write those magic words.

3 thoughts on “A Plea to Keep Nanowrimo Inspirational by Celia Maye

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  2. Amen! My NaNo project is completing a novel for which the log line is: Feisty former executive embraces second career granting the secret, sacred wishes of middle-aged women. I’m all about magic and sunshine and dreams come true — even if my writing experience doesn’t always feel that way. I’m not sure why putting ourselves and our work down has become cool. Not joining that club.


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