Guest Blogger: Like Hemingway, but the exact opposite!

Every writer as heard the advice of the great Hemingway: Write drunk; Edit sober. For me, though, I find I do it the other way. I write sober, and edit drunk.

Case in point, my twitter session last Monday.

Ashley is the artist who draws the web comic based on my Uncommon Animal stories. She was highly amused at my grousing and lamenting over editing.

This is nothing new for my writer friends. I’ve long been considered a bit of an oddity. I love drafting, but I hate revising.  I’ve said for a while that I’m not a writer, I’m a story-teller.


You can actually *see* her accent.

So when it comes time for me to do the nitpicky, word choice, polishing my prose work… I tend to hit the booze.

lots of booze

It helps me to let go of my story, and it relaxes me. I’m able to think around the problem, instead of being frustrated by it.  And every story needs this, as much as I dislike it. Nobody’s first drafts are perfect. At best, they are merely good. Regardless, they need to picked over and improved.


And even I know that my story is better for the editing. That doesn’t make the work any easier, or more enjoyable.

So if a little booze eases the process, then that’s what I’ll do.


They seriously do a LOT of drinking on Game of Thrones.


Kate Whitaker writes for fun and profit from the woods of Pennsylvania. You can most likely find her sitting at her kitchen table yelling at kids and cats as she tries to figure out a new way to kill made up monsters.

She has a newsletter now, too!


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