All the Pretty Pictures

By E.D. Vaughn

I’ve lived the ‘enough is enough already’ for far too long. It’s one of those things that never seems to goes away once it knocks on the door. I totally want to wrap it up with concertina wire and leave it elsewhere, but the neighbors might complain.

For days like this, were I’d rather bang my head on the wall, I find I need to escape.  Even if it’s only for a few hours. Mostly I head out on the Jeep-Jeep with the top down and the Hobbit riding shotgun.
be9c78b39f49687acccc068ce95b87e5 2

We head out to trail hike or sporting for miles in four-wheel drive.  Looking pretty much like the picture. The ride there lets the wind whip around me, and hopefully blows all the blah of previous days away. It’s highly recommended! 🙂

(And this photo reminds me to get a few shots the next time I’m out.  Note to self:  remember phone and camera!)

Then there are days I can’t make it out to the wilderness for one reason or another. As I sit on the computer in an attempt to be creative and write, I realize I spend more time doing other things than actually writing. Huh, that got me thinking.

Is distraction really a bad thing?


I don’t think it is. I’ve been able to research … a lot. What sounds good to the main character to prepare for dinner and have that awkward conversation? What clothes work for a specific time or style? What to do with the curly, messy hair of that feisty main character? What’s that road off Main Street? Answer to most of this… look on Pinterest or Google/Bing/whatever search engine one might like. You’ll find the answers and probably more.

How should part A work with part B, C, or D? Is there an E or F? That might be another search somewhere else.


How is this not helpful??

(Most photos used in this Blog are from Pinterest, so thank you all who post!) Actually this site is where I came across one of my favorite photographers. (And if any of you have been on my Facebook page, it’s plastered everywhere.) Kill way too much time lost in abs, which helps in those steamy parts of the story.

Chains… mmmmm, gives me a few ideas.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes, since I’m an organized freak, I try to make sure all my photographs are labeled so I can find what I need quickly. Granted I have way too many folders, but that’s ok. I’m able to go back and pull things up when editing to refresh my mind.  Or I dive into a folder to find that specific something that is missing.  Sometimes I have the pictures along side my document to keep a feeling going on some of the early drafts. (I’m a photographer so pictures are a medium for me, and surround my life.)

*Sigh* Yep, just looked up/over and lost train of thought.

While trying to remember, I can make my publisher happy and post some cover art to the most amazing Romance anthology EVER.

cover 4 couple 3          Summer Cover Sun Rays

Not that I’m bias or anything, or try to work it into conversations daily.

Book three is coming soon!!!!

Alright, now that those pretty pictures are posted, I can try to find my trail of thoughts.  Seems to be way harder lately than should be… Distraction and Pictures!

A writing site I lurk around (Scribophile) has been the best blessing for my writing.  There are many groups within that help bounce ideas around, or give encouraging words.  It’s very user friendly too.  One, if not many of the groups, use photos for prompts. A fun exercise to get the creative juices flowing! *Cough* *Cough* IDEA!!!  It’s amazing how one picture can have so many interpretations. I’m constantly blown away reading the various posts while I resist the urge to go back and delete mine.

The gist to all this rambling is to not feel bad about research (of all kinds). Pictures, besides being nice to look at (glances above, yep, pretty!!) can be helpful. So go out there are look stuff up! Do the research and don’t feel bad about it.

AND, may your stories be better for it.


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