Welcome to Nikki’s World by Nikki Belaire

I have an entire world in my mind where I can happily spend hours living. It’s like mental Pinterest or scrapbooking – imagining my characters’ appearance, plotting the twists and turns of their lives, tweaking their dialogue. I don’t need sleep or food or human interaction when I’m busy breaking hearts and making babies.
And my husband doesn’t understand it at all.

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An extroverted carpenter married to an introverted writer. Welcome to the crazy.

He’s concrete – you build it and see the beauty. Fill the bookshelves. Let your legs dangle from rocking in the porch swing. Don’t wear socks on the slippery hard wood floors.

I’m abstract – asking what if and why not. Create characters only to kill them off. Write chapters I never use. Act out fight scenes or sexy times. Well, the latter he doesn’t mind so much. 😉

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In all other cases, I’m left feeling guilty. My mind wandering when he talks about the homeowner who couldn’t make up her mind which stain was right for her door frames or the new orbital sander he bought that… Should Nick’s tattoo run down his torso or across his chest. What font is the sexiest without—Oops! What’s that you say, honey?

It’s not that I don’t care. I really do. But my characters won’t stop talking to me. In church. At Chuck E Cheese. At my daughter’s school open house where I saw a man who I swear looks just like Andy from book 4. Except with long hair. Should I give him a man bun? Does that make sense for a mercenary or would a—Darn it! Yes, Mrs. Kuper I will talk to my daughter about paying better attention in your class.

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This is why I value the friendship of other authors so much. I love my husband and daughter more than I can explain. However, they just don’t understand why they find me typing furiously on my laptop in the middle of the night or jotting down notes on crumpled papers from my purse. Only writers can sympathize with the struggle of placating our characters as well as our families.

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So, hugs and prayers to all my writer friends as today is the beginning of a three-day weekend in which I know we all want to spend writing. But, only one person at my house thinks that’s a good idea at all. I think the dog still likes me.

Hmmm… Maybe Nick and Shae need a pet…
Nikki writes contemporary romantic thrillers and admits to a weakness for alpha males and bad boys, especially ones who can’t live without the strong women they love. She spends more time in her characters’ lives than her own. But, when she’s in the real world, her passions include reading, wine appreciating, running, and spending time with her husband and daughter. You can connect with her at http://www.nikkibelaire.com or http://www.facebook.com/NikkiBelaire


One thought on “Welcome to Nikki’s World by Nikki Belaire

  1. I TOTALLY get it! I’ll even add to your list of things authors do – I’ll be working out dialog while doing dishes or wandering through the store, or… well… anywhere. Most of the time, I think… THINK… it’s all in my head. Until I start getting funny looks from fellow shoppers or my husband asks, “What?” or “Your characters need therapy.” (Or any of his other snarky remarks when he recognizes it’s my characters yelling at each other and not me yelling at him. Which is, unfortunately, not often enough.)

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