Without further ado, I present to you… my baby! by Taylor Sullivan


It’s finally here! I’m so close I can taste it!  On August 10th, 2015… only days away, I will be a published author. I will write more about my experience in my next rotation,(because I learned a ton! About editing, formatting, DBA’s, and all the little details that will drive you crazy!) but for now, I want to show you a little be of Home to You!

Book Trailer: Home to You


Shh.” Jake’s deep voice filled my ear, and he pulled me to his solid chest. “I’m here. Shh.”  

I opened my eyes, thankful it was only another nightmare, and pressed my hot cheek to his bare skin.

“It was just a dream.” He ran a hand down my back. “Shh…”

His blue eyes locked with mine, and the backs of his fingers caressed the side of my face. “Don’t cry,” he pleaded, his calloused thumb brushing away a single tear.

His voice calmed me. The soft light of dawn allowing me to see how much he cared about me. My dreams affected him more than they did me.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered, knowing this wasn’t the first time I’d woken him this way.

“Don’t be sorry.” His voice was deep and groggy and he began to smooth my hair away from my face.

I could smell the familiar scent of his skin and my heart began to pound again.

“I haven’t had one in a while.” I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, and I thought he might want to go back to sleep.


My eyes shifted to the dimple of his chin, then slowly up to his full lips. He hadn’t shaved since the morning before and already had a scruff of beard. I ached to be able to run my hand along his jaw. To touch him the way I’d always wanted to.

When I looked up again, his eyes were open, and he was watching me. My chest tightened with embarrassment, and I tried to pull away, but his hand caught me behind the neck, holding me firm.

My breath grew heavy under his gaze, and his hooded eyes moved to my lips. I was frozen, unsure of what was happening, and then his mouth came down to mine. Softly at first, like I

could blow him away with an exhale, but then the kiss became firmer, sweeter, and he sucked softly on my bottom lip until I whimpered.



Find my book on Goodreads! 🙂 Home to You I would love it if you’d add it to your shelf!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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