Capture The Moments by Kathryn L. James

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. – Bob Marley

Writer’s inspiration can come from anywhere. It’s the same as feeling the rain instead of simply getting soaked. Don’t just be amidst the world, look around, see it, feel it and embrace your surroundings. Inspiration can come from the least expected places, people and time.

Take for instance, a stunning sunset. Seize the moment regardless if your characters are relaxing on the beach, picnicking in the country, hiking on a mountainside, or having mindless sex on the balcony of a penthouse. A dreamy sky painted orange, yellow, purple and red are the same everywhere and add to the romantic scene.   Capture the moments and feel the beauty.


Sunshine can be found in the middle of a storm. Many times rain is thought of as dreary, but add a couple sharing a passionate hot kiss and everything changes.

Young hugging couple kissing under a rain, in passion

Young hugging couple kissing under a rain, in passion

Picture an old barn sitting in the middle of a pasture. Visualize a lone oak tree with KG + JP 4-ever carved in the center of an etched out heart. What if a the high school couple who placed those initials broke up after graduation and met back up, say ten years later at a mutual friends wedding. Chapters later, he finds her standing beside the tree tracing her fingers over their initials. . . and so a story is birthed all because the writer caught sight of a big red barn along the highway on his/her way to work.


What about waiting in line at a fast food drive through. Summer is here. People are shuffling about the parking area. Music is in the air. Cars moving forward. The vehicle in front exchanges money and head to the next window. The driver of a sleek SUV following reaches the payment window only to find the car in front purchased the meal in “A Pay It Forward”. Maybe he recognized her vehicle from the gym, parking garage or perhaps personalized license plates. Regardless, it all unfolds because the writer paid attention during a frantic lunch break.


*Find inspiration everywhere.
*Embrace it.
*Be observant. In all things, there is something more.
*Let the mind wander and explore.
*Take pictures using a phone so when writing the vivid colors come to life in the story.
*Listen. There is inspiration in people talking and music. One word can spark a story.

Happy Writing and Until Next Time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)

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