Prompts by Milli Gilbert

I love prompts. I love the challenge of them. They pop up on me, and I’m all over it. Even if I’m trying to hit a deadline. Or, you know, pretending to try and hit a deadline. Anyway, I have an entire project in Scrivener dedicated to all these little prompts. Some of them have been… interesting. One of them even turned into a short story that I’m hoping to publish by the end of July.

Prompts stretch the imagination. What my imagination comes up with usually revolves somehow around cowboys and country life. But recently, I’ve branched out a little into the paranormal. A shape-shifter. Who knew I had that in me?

I’ve also used them to get to know some of my Work in Progress characters a little better. Situations that tests who they are. These bits don’t often make it into the story, but the knowledge I gain from these scenes certainly do. I’ve learned some interesting things about my characters through prompts. Like one of my FMC’s lost her dad and little brother in a house fire when little brother went across the street to a friend’s house for the night. I also didn’t realize how recently she’d gone through her divorce.

I guess the point I’m making is… don’t always ignore the prompts. Even when you’re crunched on time because you never know what little gems you’ll get out of them!

Happy writing!


Milli is a stay at home mom to a soon-to-be kindergartener and a future pre-schooler. And a cat. When she’s not writing, she loves to play with the kiddos, go camping, and fishing.

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