Fifty by Sha Renée

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The big Five-O. Yep, that’s how old I’ll be…well, I won’t say when.

Did you know that if you use all seven of your letter tiles in a Scrabble play, you earn 50 extra points?

“50 Cent” is the stage name of Curtis James Jackson III, an American rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and actor who sold drugs on the streets of NY at the age of 12.50 Cent snoop

His stage name was inspired by a 1980’s robber. He chose the name “because I’m the same kind of person 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.” (Wikipedia)

The TV show Hawaii Five-O is so called because Hawaii is the last of the fifty states to officially become a state. 5-O (Five-Oh) – Slang referring to police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching, is derived from this show.

Fifty is also:

The number of chapters in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

The traditional number of years in a jubilee period.

The number of stars on the American flag.  Real-US-Flag_1

The speed limit, in kilometers per hour, of Australian and Canadian roads with unspecified limits.

The number of rings required to transform Sonic to his super form in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise

The atomic number of the element tin.


50 First Dates – one of my favorite movies – images (23)is a romantic comedy about a woman with severe anterograde amnesia.
Every morning when the FMC wakes up, the MMC has to convince her that they not only know each other, but they also love each other.

50 also refers to another well-known movie based on a novel which has sold over 90 million copies.

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In spite of all the criticism of the movie, I personally looked forward to viewing it. I’ve never been one to allow myself to view or pass on a movie or book based on the reviews of others. I know that my reaction is very likely to be different from that of the majority of viewers because I am actually quite different from most people. I don’t just look at the big picture; I look at the details, those minute nuances that many would overlook- facial expressions, mannerisms, the style of car being driven, the wording of e-mails the characters send to each other. I find these small distinctions quite entertaining. As a music lover, I enjoy much of the music featured in this movie (over 516,000 copies of the soundtrack have been sold.) and as a for the sex scenes: HOT.

Yes, the movie has been criticized by those who practice BDSM, as well as those who speak out against domestic abuse. I can understand the views and the concerns expressed by these groups, but this movie is a work of fiction. In my opinion – and each of us is entitled to his or her opinion – every single detail doesn’t have to mirror real life 100%, down to the letter in order to entertain. I’m glad I didn’t let all the negative reviews influence my decision to watch (and purchase) the movie and the book. I was entertained. And I’ll be entertained when I watch again tonight.

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