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According to the on-line dictionary that came up randomly, trashy means of poor quality, especially items of popular culture. Novels and Movies. Sometimes, the phrase a trashy novel refers the sexual content, not the quality of the writing. I actually knew someone who (yeah, this was 40 years ago) would buy up all the romance novels at the local thrift stores, and read them. If she found any sex beyond kissing and holding hands, she threw the book in the trash.

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Romance and Kindle Unlimited, by May Burnett

Kindle Unlimited is much discussed these days, for the revolutionary plan to pay the writers whose books are borrowed under the scheme by pages read as of July 2015. We author/publishers were informed of this by Amazon in the middle of June, that is, with very little advance notice.

Authors of shorter works are understandably apprehensive, while those of us who have full novels on offer look forward to the proposed change. Continue reading

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important blog post date… by Emily Cooper

It’s funny. I have an entire word document dedicated to topics for this blog. It’s very special to me, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it and the wonderful group of writers involved. I am generally a planner, not a pantser, even when it comes to blogging.

However, in the last month I’ve moved states, changed careers, and started school. Then, this week, just when I thought I was getting everything in order and could even work in some writing time on my awesome new story I’m planning, guess what?

I start getting sick. Just a cold, take some nyquil, I think. Well, it gets worse. I just moved, so I don’t have a doctor. Thank God my new health insurance is in effect, so doc in a box I go. Walking pneumonia. Yep. That’s right.

And it’s no joke, dude. I could not even focus. I’m not even sure how I drove to the doctor or did anything before they jacked me with steroids. Today was the first time in a week I didn’t get dizzy just walking around.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pity post. I guess it’s another one of those when-life-interrupts-your-writing posts. All the best laid plans. I had made a new schedule with specific writing times and places, to get in my groove. I had done a load of research for my new story. I was so pumped.

But I think I’ve also been overwhelmed, and this illness has given me a chance to reflect/hallucinate. To remember what is important, to remember that it’s not the end of the world if my blog is late, if my story doesn’t get started this week, if I miss a week of work at my brand new job. If I don’t do any fancy meme’s or pictures or any of the things I know makes a post better than reading some rando’s rambling.

I’m one of those people who puts so much pressure on myself. I hate disappointing anyone. I fret. I know I’m not alone. But I think that if we fret too much, if we put too much pressure on ourselves, things we love, like writing, lose their charm. I have to take the time to breathe. I don’t have to have everything planned, cause shit doesn’t like to go according to my plan anyway.

And on a side note, my fever gave me a wicked idea for my story in the middle of the night.

And also, I somehow managed to become a slightly more published author with a few shorts =)


Emily is a wannabe author, privileged to know some of the best authors ever! Please check out her short stories and connect with her! One day she’ll have a fancy mailing list and all that jazz. ❤

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Film Review: Love Between the Covers

RWA San Diego

Documentarian Laurie Kahn says that she’s always been interested in the work women do. So it makes sense that she decided to spend five years investigating the romance fiction industry, a female-powered, billion-dollar-a-year business that “no one takes seriously.” The result of her research – which included speaking to dozens of readers, writers, and scholars, as well as reading hundreds of romance novels herself – is the feature-length documentary film, Love Between the Covers. On June 14th, several RWASD chapter members trekked north to the LA Film Festival to catch the U.S. premiere. The film reaffirmed what we already knew: romance novels are powerful, and so are the people who write them.

Laurie Kahn answering questions from the audience after the U.S. premiere of Laurie Kahn answering questions from the audience after the U.S. premiere of “Love Between the Covers.”

Love Between the Covers highlights what makes the genre such an unstoppable force in the publishing industry. What are often referred…

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You Know You Are a Writer If by D. L. Hungerford

Reblogged from A Novel Approach

Don’t imagine that I lump all writers together as one type. I have met too many to think that way. But I do know there are common traits among us. Most importantly, we have to be crazy to come up with the things we write about.

But you might be a writer if you have more story ideas in your head or even on little bits of sticky paper than you will ever have time to write. Continue reading

Prompts by Milli Gilbert

I love prompts. I love the challenge of them. They pop up on me, and I’m all over it. Even if I’m trying to hit a deadline. Or, you know, pretending to try and hit a deadline. Anyway, I have an entire project in Scrivener dedicated to all these little prompts. Some of them have been… interesting. One of them even turned into a short story that I’m hoping to publish by the end of July.

Prompts stretch the imagination. What my imagination comes up with usually revolves somehow around cowboys and country life. But recently, I’ve branched out a little into the paranormal. A shape-shifter. Who knew I had that in me?

I’ve also used them to get to know some of my Work in Progress characters a little better. Situations that tests who they are. These bits don’t often make it into the story, but the knowledge I gain from these scenes certainly do. I’ve learned some interesting things about my characters through prompts. Like one of my FMC’s lost her dad and little brother in a house fire when little brother went across the street to a friend’s house for the night. I also didn’t realize how recently she’d gone through her divorce.

I guess the point I’m making is… don’t always ignore the prompts. Even when you’re crunched on time because you never know what little gems you’ll get out of them!

Happy writing!


Milli is a stay at home mom to a soon-to-be kindergartener and a future pre-schooler. And a cat. When she’s not writing, she loves to play with the kiddos, go camping, and fishing.

Fifty by Sha Renée

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The big Five-O. Yep, that’s how old I’ll be…well, I won’t say when.

Did you know that if you use all seven of your letter tiles in a Scrabble play, you earn 50 extra points?

“50 Cent” is the stage name of Curtis James Jackson III, an American rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and actor who sold drugs on the streets of NY at the age of 12.50 Cent snoop

His stage name was inspired by a 1980’s robber. He chose the name “because I’m the same kind of person 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.” (Wikipedia)

The TV show Hawaii Five-O is so called because Hawaii is the last of the fifty states to officially become a state. 5-O (Five-Oh) – Slang referring to police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching, is derived from this show.

Fifty is also:

The number of chapters in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

The traditional number of years in a jubilee period.

The number of stars on the American flag.  Real-US-Flag_1

The speed limit, in kilometers per hour, of Australian and Canadian roads with unspecified limits.

The number of rings required to transform Sonic to his super form in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise

The atomic number of the element tin.


50 First Dates – one of my favorite movies – images (23)is a romantic comedy about a woman with severe anterograde amnesia.
Every morning when the FMC wakes up, the MMC has to convince her that they not only know each other, but they also love each other.

50 also refers to another well-known movie based on a novel which has sold over 90 million copies.

images (20)

In spite of all the criticism of the movie, I personally looked forward to viewing it. I’ve never been one to allow myself to view or pass on a movie or book based on the reviews of others. I know that my reaction is very likely to be different from that of the majority of viewers because I am actually quite different from most people. I don’t just look at the big picture; I look at the details, those minute nuances that many would overlook- facial expressions, mannerisms, the style of car being driven, the wording of e-mails the characters send to each other. I find these small distinctions quite entertaining. As a music lover, I enjoy much of the music featured in this movie (over 516,000 copies of the soundtrack have been sold.) and as a for the sex scenes: HOT.

Yes, the movie has been criticized by those who practice BDSM, as well as those who speak out against domestic abuse. I can understand the views and the concerns expressed by these groups, but this movie is a work of fiction. In my opinion – and each of us is entitled to his or her opinion – every single detail doesn’t have to mirror real life 100%, down to the letter in order to entertain. I’m glad I didn’t let all the negative reviews influence my decision to watch (and purchase) the movie and the book. I was entertained. And I’ll be entertained when I watch again tonight.

#TRRparty #Featured #Book How to Train Your Knight by Stella Marie Alden (@stellamariealde @SoulMatePublish)

So very excited to be here!!!

The Romance Reviews

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Year of our Lord, 1276.

In the hours just before dawn, blasphemous curses echo throughout the stone manor. A knife clatters to the floor, and a feisty young widow is bound, blindfolded, and led to the marriage altar. The king couldn’t possibly have sanctioned this farce of a marriage, could he? After all, she alone transformed a few mud huts and starving serfs into a flourishing town, never once hesitating to pay generous taxes to his royal kingdom. Abandon her beloved people to be ruled by her new husband, an ignorant Templar knight? Never! the Lady Ann vows.

A murderous witch for a wife? The Beast of Thornhill finds himself in the middle of either a cruel jest or an evil conspiracy. After returning from the Holy wars, he accepts bestowment of a small parcel of land in return for saving King Edward’s life. But the reward comes…

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