You Have to Eat It to Find Out if You LIke It.

Writers fall in love with words at an early age.  Maybe not spelling or punctuation, but words and the various ways a word can be used.  So of course, puns come naturally to most writers.  Even Shakespeare dabbled in puns, my favorite being dying Mercutio’s “Ask for me tomorrow, you will find me a grave man.”

Some writers also use words to confuse a main character.  If you heard a woman saying the title of this blog in a sexy voice in a bedroom, you would be certain she was talking about, well, not about Girl Scout cookies.  But in fact, I said this line to one of my parrots who didn’t know if he liked peanut butter or not.

We have a tendancy in my on-line friends’ circle, to post things we call Out of Context Theater.  Today while walking around a community lake, a gardener was cutting back brush and weeks from the path.  He paused as we walked past so that the dust and debris wouldn’t hurt us.  I called out, “You can come to my house when you’re done, I have a bush out front that needs that.”

Two steps later I absolutely wanted to go back and explain to the poor guy I didn’t mean it that way.  He wore ear protctors and the weed whacker still ran even while he waited, so I am pretty sure he didn’t hear me.

Often the OOCT lines are overheard from others, and not fully explainable.  Like : I have a whole binder full of blood borne pathogens. (Would you mind standing over there, please?  OR maybe outside?)  Or: You can stick it in if you’re feeling advernturous. (Oh, hell no!)  And this gem: Yeah, it is big. But she just wants something to slide into until she’s ready for the next step.  (I do not want to know what that next step actually is.)

I have no idea why there is a sexual connotation to the out of context comments.  *innocent look* I always enjoy books when the main characters get going in some happy jokes and puns.  And if it leads to a little heightened sexual tension, all the better.  Basically, it all comes down to fun and to being at ease enough with someone to make a pun and not feel stupid.

To bone up on word play, here’s a site for sore Ayes: If that’s not enough, here’s a list of links.  Some might be missing.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish my lunch.  I’m having a peanut butter and jealous sandwich.


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