The Möbius Strip of Revision

As some of us are stuck in the endless loop of cold weather, I find myself desperate to get out – of revisions.
It’s hard to get the beginning of a story right.

Really hard.

So much information needs to go in, and yet the pace needs to keep moving or else your book will probably end up as a drink coaster.

So you write.

And rewrite.
And rewrite.
Ad nauseum.
And … it’s still not right.
You get feedback that says to try cutting one thing, adding more to another, and then the next advice tells you to go back to the way it was.

Revision hell.

This month, right around Groundhog’s Day as it happens, I made the bold decision to move beyond the first fifty pages of my story. They still need work, but at some point, a person need to get off the twisty loop.

Quick Tip: When the author is the one thinking about using her own story as a drink coaster, it’s not a good sign.
I’m posting faster too, rather than endlessly polishing, only to have the first reader find no fewer than five typos.
It’s been good for my emotional energy level. Less obsession = less exhaustion. Also, a rougher draft means I’m not nearly as invested in thinking the magical unicorn named It’s great! I wouldn’t change a thing! will show up.

True fact: There’s always room for improvement.

So, counting the days till this bleeping month is over. Happy February is short, happier still to have gotten off the strip.


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