Favorite Couple Types (And Why I’m Not a Conventional “Romantic”)

When I first heard my next blog day was Valentine’s Day, I have to admit I panicked a bit. I mean, most of the women on this blog are romance writers. And, I’m… not that romantic. Gasp! Shock! <covers head in paper bag> In fact, my husband and I stopped celebrating the day many years ago. Not because we don’t love and cherish each other, but because the mushy stuff usually gives us the giggles, and then we go back to our comfortable, happy stand-by’s.


Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I’m romantic, just not so touched by the standard, check-box, normal things that are considered so. But I love love. Thoughtfulness, connection, and reading about the unique couples from different walks of life. Those that know me best, know I can get rather obsessed with a good love story. So when I thought about what I could possibly write about that has to do with Valentine’s Day? Favorite types of story couples is what this had to be about.


  1. The Hero and the Sweetheart

When I think about the most popular love story couples, I can’t leave out the strong man that will go to any lengths to rescue the pure woman. He’s doesn’t let fear, dangerous obstacles, or odds stand in his way. The only thing that stops this man is love. His female counterpart is deserving and needs help. She’s needs loyalty, and someone she can trust. She offers vulnerability and a place to call home. And in the end, she will bring him to his knees.


  1. The Bad Boy that needs reformed by the Good Woman

In real life, I’m not necessarily one for bad boys. But the misunderstood guys from the wrong side of the tracks in fiction totally gets me. He needs stability. He needs persistence. He needs someone to knock him out when he’s being a pain in the you know where. Maybe she’s damaged with daddy issues and that’s the draw. Maybe she’s never met anyone like him before. Or maybe she just sees a side of him that no one else has stopped to look at. Either way, with the two of them together, they both get a taste of what the other side looks like. And both (in fiction at least) are usually better for it.


  1. The Evil boy meets the Evil Girl?

This kind always gets my blood going. They’re fire and fire. A battle of wits and tension. They’re that scintillating kinship going blow for blow with their partner. Usually sparks fly, until they ignite together and set their passions ablaze. Maybe that’s cheesy. But they’re so much fun. And sexy to watch when it all comes together. In a strange way, this couple gets each other– maybe even more than all the others. Because unlike the nice guys that connect, they are usually scared and lonely people behind that mask of protection.


  1. The Nice guy and the Bad Girl

This is another favorite of mine. Even though I wasn’t a “Bad Girl” (most of the time), I had a rough life. These girls usually do too. They don’t get any breaks. What’s handed to them makes succeeding feel impossible. Until something good, in the way of a sweet, possibly nerdy guy comes along. He’s not over the top heroic usually. But he sees the part of her others have been missing all her life. Maybe he’s had too much normal in his life and she’s that fire he’s been looking for. She finds comfort and strength in his stability. These two give each other something special. An appreciation for how rare the other is.


  1. Best Friends Turned Lovers

Could there be anything cuter(and more sappy) than two people who are inseparable turning to each other and becoming sweethearts? Maybe I’m just a sap because I had a lot of male friends in junior high and high school, but this is usually a way to make me aw and sigh. They know each other better than anyone. And maybe there’s been a tension there the whole time, and they both ignored it, not wanting to take that risk. Until one night, when their guards come down, and they crash into each other in an explosion of lust. It’s the  love and respect that’s there before things even start. The certainty, yet tentative approach that has always gotten me right in the heart.


  1. The Best Friend’s(or Boyfriend’s-eek!) Best Friend

So, you’re going along reading a book or watching a movie and one of the leads(usually a female) is with someone who on the surface seems right at the time. And then that second person has a best friend. He’s either seems totally perfect, or so wrong they make sparks. Now depending on the circumstances, he’s either so good for her that you know right away they belong together. Or so many sparks fly, that the way he challenges her is exactly what she needs. I can think of at least a half dozen of these couples and every time I fall in love with it again. The conflict is the friend, but that resolution when done right make for an explosive ending..


  1. Two Perfect Sweethearts

These two can be a challenge. If not carefully written they can be nauseatingly sweet. Kind of like that icky romance stuff I was talking about. Why? Because they’re so perfect it makes you want to vomit.  Like too much candy. But, they also can show what to strive for. Trust. Faithfulness. Respect. They care about each other and the people around them. Many may assume their past is perfect too, but it isn’t always. Sometimes there’s a long road that’s caused them pain so unbearable the only thing that got them through is hope. So they create beauty. They need and deserve that happy ending more than anyone else.


Those are just a few I thought of, and there are many more. Of course, what’s equally fun(and sometimes more) is when the traditional roles like above are reversed. It puts an exciting spin on what we’ve grown to love. Maybe they’re a combination of two or more types. Maybe they’re same-sex or even polyamorous.

What about you? Do you have another favorite type? Why do you feel drawn to it? And what type of couple are you and your love?

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