A Sneak Peak at A Romance Writer’s Life

What if Cinderella hadn’t lost her slipper? How would the story have turned out? Would the prince have gone to great lengths to find her? Even blackmail? Then there’s the idea of maybe she wasn’t a sweet perfect girl. What if there was a love triangle between the Prince, Cinderella and the Step-Sister. Sensing a lot of angst creating our voice!

Oh the possibilities in writing romance. We sit back, sometimes with a drink in hand, munch on readily available chocolate (or raw veggies, it that’s your thing) and write until wee hours of the night. Yes, caffeine has become a part of our daily diet.

Characters seem to come from anywhere and the plot thickens sometimes with a little eavesdropping. If I said ‘not really’. . .well, that would be a little white lie, LOL. Our ideas jump out at us while listening to a song, watching commercials on television or people watching at just about anywhere. It comes natural for a writer to have eyes and ears everywhere!

We spend countless hours looking at Boards on Pinterest. Let me re-word that. We spend countless hours researching places, fashion, sexy eye-candy and enjoy every damn minute of it. We market our work on an account set up under our author name, and network like crazy on Facebook and blogs.

From time to time, we watch our laundry get out of control, make empty promises to stop eating so much take out and hope no-one notices the post notes all over the house. We can juggle any schedule and stretch twenty-four hours of the day into twenty-five.

We find our own unique voice and write our Happily Ever After’s. Even if the Cinderella is a bit of a ‘bad girl’ and the Prince is a sexy ‘arrogant ass’.

Hope you enjoyed my take on what we do as a Romance Writer!

Until Next Time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)

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