Novel Structure and The Human Body

This concept is wonderful! Great idea and great analogy.

Louise Redmann - Unpenned

Musings Of How A Novel Works.

I always think of a novel as being like a human body


and just as the human body has many different elements that make it a whole, so does a novel. At least, that’s the way I see it. The body has a skeleton, ligaments, muscles and various systems. Veins. Blood. Then we have the outside. Skin, hair, bodily characteristics and genetic quirks.

A human body could not work without the skeleton. We would flop all over the place, ooze around like jelly. Or like a piece of liver crawls towards milk. What’s with that, anyway? Check this out from BBC Radio 2.

A novel cannot work without its basic skeleton – the story structure and plot. If the bones of the plot do not extend throughout the parts of the novel, then that part flops. Literally.

So what is a plot?

The Oxford…

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