Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all you Happy Authors Guild Readers – and a big THANKYOU to reading and responding, and making this the wonderful Blog it is!

I was debating on whether to make this post about the New Year and what plans we may have, what we want to achieve, but then I thought, no. Let’s look back instead. Let’s take a moment to consider the past year and what we have already achieved.

What is your favourite memory of this past year?

What achievement are you most proud of? It can be big or small; sometimes it’s the smallest achievements that can have the biggest impact.

What book/s have you read that left a lasting impression?

What is the best/favourite line you have written? What’s the best line you have read? Post it in the comments below and maybe we can have a vote!
Sometimes thinking about a New Year and resolutions and all that stuff can make us feel inadequate, put pressure on us to out-perform ourselves in an unrealistic manner. Maybe this is why so many resolutions fall by the wayside; the burdens we lay on ourselves can be too heavy to carry. Of course there are things we want to achieve, but sometimes life happens and we don’t quite get there.

My general aim, for the last few years, was to be published by aged 40. Well, this past year I turned 40. I didn’t get published, and neither did I self-publish. I was very disappointed, and spent some time wallowing in misery about how crap a writer I am and how I’ll never be published. Then I thought, instead of looking at what I haven’t managed to do, I should look at what I did achieve. Boost my self-esteem instead of poking great fat holes in it and listening to the air whistle out until it lands on the floor ready to be stepped on.

So. I wrote several short pieces, edited my first novel and got half way through my second, all the while managing a family, giving English lessons and working on a copy-editing course. I have learned a lot about writing this year, and hope to learn much more next year. I set up a website all by myself, yay! Ok, I used wordpress templates, but I learned about widgets and all kinds of stuff. There were one or two hiccups, but overall I am proud of that achievement. I managed to keep the house from deteriorating into a rat-infested, dust bunnie, spider haven. I may not be living where I would like to live, I may be lonely a great deal, but I have two fabulous boys and a supportive husband.

So roll on 2015, I want to see if I can build on last year’s achievements and maybe, just maybe, get something published.

Happy New Year! Louise


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