Status Quo

Writers are a bunch of insecure, sensitive, emotion-driven people. We put our art out in book form or in electronic form, and wait to see what happens. If we sell 100 copies of our books, we might get 8 reviews. If we post 47 blog posts, and have 600 plus followers, we’re lucky to get 10 comments. Soon we are asking, does anyone read this blog? Does it just show up in the email in box and get ignored or deleted?

This blog right here will be number 48, we have 600 plus followers, and we have about 10 comments. But the better news is, the posts have been reblogged 72 times, and shared on Twitter 52 times. So somebody is reading it, not just the group of insecure, sensitive writers who post the bloody thing.

I am not any better about the whole feedback for blog posts thing. And only because I decided to do this subject have I realized. I read lots of blogs, and almost never comment or like or reblog any of them. This could all be Karma due to my lack of action.

I don’t make resolutions for the New Year. I look back at the past year, and find at least 3 things I did that I never have done before. In 2014, I published my first novella, I retired after 24 years with the same employer, and I handfed baby cockatiels and lovebirds. In 2015, I will have 4 short stories in anthologies published, I will have the follow up book to the first novella published, and I will probably start my own humor blog. But I am going to make one more thing happen and I will start right now. I am going to comment on every blog I read. That’s right, I will go say thanks, or good idea, or something to express my appreciation for the work of the writer.

How about you? Do you just take the entertainment provided by these writers, and not say thank you once in a while? Do you like the blogs you read? How hard is it to type those words? If you didn’t like the post, you don’t have to be nasty. You can simply say you appreciate the different point of view.

I also suggest that you make a point to review books when you have read them, especially for up and coming authors. Steven King may not really get a kick out of your review, but someone like me or any of the published writers on this blog (Mika Jolie, Sue Seabury, May Burnett, just to name a few) really want to know what you think. Feedback is vital in almost any pursuit. Give it a go, and see what good Karma comes back to you.

We’ll post again on Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. I read a lot and I’ve posted a few book reviews. They are the least liked of all my posts, though, so I’m not sure I want to keep that up. Maybe once a quarter. Maybe I’ll review several at once. I don’t read mainstream fiction, so you’re right, those authors might want a review. As for comments? It’s not very easy from my smartphone on the bus – which is where I usually read blog posts during my commute. So I don’t comment often. Today, I’m on my real computer, so I’m much more wordy! Keep up the good work!

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  2. Great post. I too, need to work on the karmic commenting. I read a lot of blogs, but don’t always share the love. Which is really just a case of absent mindedness. Thanks for the new year’s resolution.

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  3. Oftentimes reading from my phone is what stops me from commenting as well, but we really should do better. Looking back at when our blog started, we definitely commented on each other more. Nice post, Demi!


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