Kicking The Bucket List


Many of us have set goals with our writing. Some like daily, weekly and maybe even monthly or yearly. I challenge you to jot down your aspirations or goals, and rename it as the “Kicking the Bucket List”. Throughout your writing journey cross off what you’ve met and a year or two from now see where what you’ve accomplished. Think about where you’ve been, where you are right now, and where you want to be next year, in three years, or even five.

In my wildest dreams I never believed I would one day be a published author, but the closer I get to finishing my novel CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIES, it’s becoming reality baby! Ranking number one on my list is to find a publisher, but if that doesn’t pan out I know I have the option of self publishing. Being this close in transitioning from writer to author makes me want to dance in the sunshine, in the rain, under the stars and on top of the world.

Kathryn James’s Bucket List:

1. Get an agent.

2. Get published (either by publisher or be an Indie).

2. Attend a writers conference.

3. Post faithfully on my blog.

4. Write a novel that makes it to the NYT Bestseller list.

5. Try writing outside my norm, maybe in a cafe, coffee shop, at the park or by the ocean.
6. Learn Twitter

7. Receive emails from fans who love my story.

8. Be kinder to myself regarding balancing and juggling time to write.

9. Be a favorite author of someone.

10. See highlighted parts of my book that score as favorite lines by the reader.

Almost a month ago I started a bucket list on my personal blog and set a reminder on my calendar a year from now to check my successes. I think it will be fun to see what gets crossed off! I hope you accept this challenge and can’t wait to see what we’ve all marked off over the span of the next year or two.

Kathryn L. James (KJ)


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