Inspiration Runneth Over

The wonderful writers who put up the posts here in rotation are all from the same group at Scribophile, and all keep track of our main characters, male and female, with Pinterest, Tumblr, and other on-line conglomerates of photos. We use models, actors, and anyone who comes up with the hair color, eye color, and nationality we are looking for. I’ve used Brad Pitt as the model for my Regency Viscount, Miles.

One of the best writers uses David J. Gandy as her inspiration for an Italian playboy billionaire alpha male. Yes, you are all drooling right now, aren’t you? Kathryn L. James was scheduled to post today, but as happens now and then, life got in her way. So in tribute to her and the awesome novel she’s working on, here’s Blake – I mean, David – in a few fun videos.

I had not heard of Mr. Gandy until Ms. James began posting pictures and videos of him. So in case you are equally in the dark, Tall, Dark, and Handsome is British, won a contest for modeling when he was 21 years old, and began a trend toward more masculine, muscular guys in those Dolce & Gabbana outfits. For this, women of the world could never thank him enough.

Warning! This photo is not safe for work, probably not safe for humans! Lock the kids in the basement. David Gandy and milk. It does a body good. Yowzer!

These are a little safer, maybe PG 17?

Here’s a current campaign for Marks and Spencer for a line of men’s undergarments collaboratively designed by David Gandy. The underwear are probably top line, the commercial is breathtaking. It also may take a while to load and buffer so you can watch it without the film freezing. I personally don’t mind the freeze frame views.

I am impress with his acting abilities as well as modeling. He should have a huge list of movie credits, but maybe that’s not what he wants to do. Here he shows his sweeter side, enduring lots and lots of kisses from his fans.

Any questions? There may be an answer here.

You know he has to have a regime every day for exercise and diet to keep that lushious body. This is a bit of it, and he says the word nipple.

In conclusion, this is an inteview and fun 6 and a half minutes to glimpse into his world. And he mentions that other male model superstar, Derek Zoolander.

We’ll be back on Wednesday. If you have pulled yourself back together by then, please join us.

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