I write multicultural romance novels

My husband is of Italian/Ukranian decent. I’m of Haitian/French heritage. My sisters in laws are Irish, Thai and African-American. Oh yes, my husband’s childhood friend is Jewish and his wife is Italian. I often refer to us as the United Colors of Benetton. We are a diverse bunch with all of our little kinks. You should see our Christmas parties.

I started this post with a little background of me and my family to help understand why I have chosen to write novels that portrays my world, because really, up until recently there weren’t many to choose from. I fell in love with romance novels around the age of 14. There were no interracial romance novels then. When I started searching the internet for them, they were so badly written and focused so much on the race factor that I was turned off.  For me, love is not about the color of the skin, but an emotion that runs so deep inside us that it transcends race and gender.

In my novel, The Scale, currently available at Secrets Cravings Publishing, the heroine is an African-American curvy woman, and the hero is blond hair, blue eyes, and tattooed alpha. While their race came up once, it didn’t drive the plot. The Scale is about self-acceptance, the struggle with body image, what society identifies as beautiful, and of course falling in love.

In my current WIP, Need You Now, my FMC is Latina and the MMC is American-Italian. Once again, while their cultural background is mentioned, but is not the primary focus.

I’ve chosen to write about the kind of romance that reflects today’s society. My FMC and MMC are of a diverse background. While their cultural, demographic differences are mentioned, those things are not the focus. Love is.

I’m a writer of contemporary women’s fiction and romance. I write about diversity without focusing on our differences.

The Scale Blurb: 

Twenty-seven year old, African-American, Minka Greene has to endure watching her twin sister marry the man she loves. Her weight is up, and her confidence is down. Not exactly the ideal time to meet the real man of her dreams.

The Scale opens in Martha’s Vineyard with Minka attending Keely and Blake’s engagement party at Martha’s Way, the beautiful inn owned and operated by the tall, blond, tattooed man with the piercing blue eyes. It just so happens Jason Montgomery is also Blake’s childhood friend and the best man. Dealing with a whirl of emotions, Minka faints in Jason’s arms.

When she wakes up naked in Jason’s bed after a night of passion, the Vineyard confirmed bachelor struggling with his own demons and the woman filled with self-doubt and pining for another man are joined in an experience that will change their lives.

The Scale is the first book of the Martha’s Way series.

Excerpt from The Scale: 

What could possibly go wrong with a dance?  Their bodies would touch, and the thought of being so close to him worried her a bit. But it also triggered a level of excitement within her that she hadn’t known existed prior to tonight.

She wanted more. She wanted to feel him against her. Touch his hair and hold him as close as possible. Tomorrow she could deal with Keely, Blake, and reality. Tonight, she wanted to lose herself in Jason even if it was for one dance.


Author Bio:

Author of contemporary sensual, empowered romance, with fun relatable characters. I’m also a wife, and mommy to 2 energizer bunnies. Member of Secret Cravings Publishing. When I do have time to breathe, I like to run, hike with my camera at hand, and work on my gardening and knitting skills. I promised my husband I’d knit him a scarf…that was 5 years ago.

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14 thoughts on “I write multicultural romance novels

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  2. Nice, Mika. Well done bio, giving a sense of your background as a basis for your understanding and capability in writing The Scale. Multicultural romances are only going to become increasingly popular. As you pointed out, making a “big deal” about cultural differences in a romance was necessary at one time because of its rarity and the time it would take for widespread acceptance. Thanks to many people, including writers like yourself, making a big deal about cultural differences these days would be like making a big deal of a heroine being a career woman. Your approach seems right on target.

    Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading The Scale, and best of luck.
    Bea C


  3. I really appreciate multicultural books, after living and working on four different continents. My older daughter, now in her twenties, looks a bit like your foto; she is often asked where she comes from, as people here in Europe cannot place her Venezuelan mixed heritage.
    Best of luck with your novel – I love the cover, by the way.


  4. Great post Mika, I completely agree with you. Congratulations on your publication, I look forward to reading it.


  5. Great post, Mika!
    And again, big congrats on the The Scale and the sales! Wow! You go, girl!

    I live in a very segregated community and country. Up to 1990 Namibia was under South Africa and the country share their apartheid history. I deal with color and ethnicity on a daily basis, and we still got such a very long way to go before we can call ourselves a rainbow nation, in the sense of a harmonic society where diversity is truly embraced.
    I think fiction has an important role to play in encourage social changes and slowly overturn deep-rooted attitudes and ideas. So I think it’s great that you’re consciously using your multicultural background and life to build bridges and common ground.


  6. Love this post Mika. However slow the progress, the world around us is changing. Multicultural and IR relationships encompass a diverse variety of combinations, and as an author, I’m excited to the possibilities. I’m also excited to read The Scale! 🙂


  7. Mika, I really enjoyed reading this. I haven’t gotten around to starting “The Scale” yet and didn’t realize you had diversified not only with multicultural characters, but with size as well. I have so much respect for what you’re doing(and doing well!).


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